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FOR FIVE STAR LAW Situation #2 I listed my house for

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Situation #2

I listed my house for sale with a RE Firm. I signed an agreement with my RE agent. The agreement mentions specifically permission to accept any offer of $325,000 or higher without contacting me first. I travel a lot and can't always be reached but I don't want to lose out on the opportunity to sell my house. I have just arrived home after a two week trip to Europe and while checking my messages I realize my RE agent has agreed to sell my house for $300,000. I'm furious! I did not want to sell my house for such a low price. What do I do now?

a. Is there anything I can do?
b. Do I have to sell at that price?
c. Is there any case law that would guide me in the right direction?
d. Can I sue the agent individually? Can I sue the real estate agency?

Situation # XXXXX

I rent an apartment from a private owner. My rent is $450 per month. I recently lost my job and have been struggling to make ends meet. Because I have no money I have not paid my rent in 3 months. Yesterday when I arrived home from school, my key wouldn't work on the front door. I found a not in my mailbox from my landlord letting me know I had been evicted for not paying my rent. This is the first I've heard from my Landlord. Can she do this to me? Why or Why Not?

a. What specific Florida Laws that answer this question? Self help evictions come to mind.
b. What can I do now that I have no place to live?
c. All my stuff is in the apartment. Can I get it back?
d. Do I still owe my landlord past due rent payments?

Hi Joe,

You listed both situations as one question. Would you be willing to leave a bonus if you are satisfied with my answers?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I've agreed to pay $100.00 for all three questions. I will pay you $125 for all three questions because your answer to #1 was so through/

Thank you so much. You can leave the difference as a bonus at the end.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay. By my PayPal account you've gotten $83.00 so far. I owe you $42.00. Is that correct?

Yes I think that is what you paid the site.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay, waiting for your replies to situation #2 and situation #3.


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