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For Mr Glenn G ONLY

Customer Question

1. Research indicated that children who fought and received punishment alone fought again with the average time between fights being the same as children who were not punished. However, when a verbal explanation accompanied the punishment, the time between fights: (Points : 1) increased almost 30%. increased almost 40%. decreased almost 30%. decreased almost 40%. 2. A rat in a Skinner box receives a continuous low level of electric shock. Every time it presses a bar, the shock is turned off for 10 seconds. This procedure is an example of: (Points : 1) positive reinforcement. negative reinforcement. punishment. avoidance. 3. Rewarding appropriate behavior in the classroom was effective _______of the time, according to Tulley and Chiu. (Points : 1) 29% 92% 78% 87% 4. When the intensity of the punishment is increased, the response rate of rats: (Points : 1) decreased and was finally suppressed. increased and was never suppressed. increased but was finally suppressed. decreased but was never suppressed. 5. Exposure to inescapable shock impairs animals’ ability to learn to avoid shock in subsequent tasks. This is an example of: (Points : 1) the frustration effect. learned helplessness. negative transfer. punishment. 6. The principles of punishment in children and animals appear to ______. (Points : 1) be exactly the same be the same except for language differ substantially differ in almost every respect 7. Classroom time outs would be ineffective in suppressing inappropriate behavior in a child who: (Points : 1) is aggressive toward the teacher. is lazy and sleeps in class. is compliant short term. wants to get out of doing his/her class work. 8. Corporal punishment refers to punishments, such as: (Points : 1) explaining why the punishment is being enacted. spanking or slapping to elicit a change in behavior. sending the child to his or her room to sit in a chair. taking away a reinforcer. 9. Punishment will likely cause side effects when: (Points : 1) it is applied consistently and fairly. it is short-term or long-term with an explanation. it is applied inconsistently with random intensity. it is paired with a secondary reinforcer. 10. In the study by Solomon, Turner, and Lessac (1968), dogs punished immediately for eating their preferred food later resisted the temptation to eat for: (Points : 1) one minute ten minutes one day two weeks

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
Hello Customer

I can help you with these questions.
Some of them are bit tricky for sure.
Do you have any deadline for them?
Also, which course/assignment/exam are these a part of?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My response isn't showing up... I need ASAP. Psychology of Learning.

Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
Well there are few things
1) Earlier the question heading said something like
And now after i have posted the reply it is showing "For Mr Glenn G ONLY"
If you want that specific expert to help you, i would opt out of the question.
So clearly clarify the same
2) You said something like "My response isn't showing up.." . can you explain which response you are talking about? I only see 10 questions in the main post.

Waiting for reply
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My response to your questions weren't posting to you is what I meant. I don't care who helps me as long as they can help. But I've actually completed the test now, I couldn't wait too long. Please cancel my question.

Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
As to the guidelines/rules regarding answering questions, are concerned, experts are not supposed to reply/help with questions where a customer specifically wants to work with an expert by naming him/her. So that is why i needed to mention that as earlier on there was no such name up there.

Anyway it is good that you completed the test. You are welcome in future too.
Sure, i will mark this question, for site support to cancel it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If you are available now, I have another assignment that you might be able to help me on...

Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
Yes i am online now but i need to know about the assignment first, to let you know whether i can help with it or not.
It is a multiple choice one? I would prefer that.
Further is there any time deadline to it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just posted it to you. It is multiple choice. 2 hour time frame...

Expert:  Dr. Amit replied 4 years ago.
Yes, i got it.
Kindly reply there only for further correspondence.

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