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Describe the message(s) you send as well as the types off feedback

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Describe the message(s) you send as well as the types off feedback you might receive when you exhibit the following types of body language. a when speaking, you begin twisting your mouth or chewing your lip. b when speaking, you begin to fidget and giggle pocket change. c when listening, you begin to tap your feet. d when listening, you begin to lean away from the speaker.2 Your colleague ask you to critique a presentation that she has to give to your supervising attorney. You notice that she rarely makes eye contact with you during the presentation. Describe the feedback that you give her.3 While explaining your report findings to a colleague, you notice that he keeps fidgeting and glancing at his watch. Discuss the types of signals your colleague is giving you. What's the likelihood that you'll have to explain your findings again? 4 Albert speaks at a pace of 180 words per minute. when sending a verbal message, it is likely that he'll understood? Explain your answer 5 When Sara's supervising attorney asks her if she is busy, Sara replies that she isn't and can handle another task, When saying this, Sarah's speech is slow and she squints her eyes and twists her face. Her supervising attorney decided to assign the task to someone els. Explain the type of listing the supervising attorney is doing and why he doesn'y give the task to Sarah.6 Describe how sitting in a places with people talking all around you can help you yo improve your listening skills.

Thank you for your request. Could you tell me when you need this project to be posted?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

asap tomorrow would be great if thats possible. thanks again i might need your help is some others.

Thank you, Delia. I will be sure to have this report completed by tomorrow. Also, in regard to posting the other reports -- be sure to make "Dr. Steve" the first two words of the requests; otherewise, I may likley miss them (the electronic request disappears after only 15 minutes).

Speak to you soon,


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Good evening Delia,

Thank you for the bonus and the excellent feedback.

Yours truly,

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