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chris m, Question 41 If a lobbyist contacts you, you

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chris m,
Question 41
If a lobbyist contacts you, you are more likely to

communicate with your member of Congress about an issue.
pay your dues to the organization.
vote in a presidential election.
march in the streets to protest a policy.
believe the lobbyist than a congressman.

Question 42
To ensure stability, the objective of political institutions in democratic systems should be to

channel participation into conventional activities.
make conventional and unconventional modes of participation equally attractive.
expand the opportunities for unconventional participation and encourage its use when necessary.
make unconventional participation impossible.
adopt non-violent forms of unconventional activities.

Question 43
A voter who determines whom they will vote for very early in the campaign likely based that decision upon

the perception of the front-runner by the media.
the candidate's stand on a particular issue of importance.
party identification.
the candidate's foreign policy experience.
the candidate's projected image.

Question 44
A government official "leaking" classified information about recent terrorist activities in a particular city so that government efforts to restrict personal freedoms become less obvious is leaking this information for what primary purpose?

To gain an advantage on congressional leadership to take credit for the legislation.
To avoid information authenticity requirements.
To detract from an official's illegal mishandling of classified material.
Manipulation of the press.
To test public reaction to certain ideas and policies.

Question 45
The early Republicans (who evolved into today's Democrats) were led by

Alexander Hamilton.
Thomas Jefferson.
James Madison.

Question 46
Which of the following best describes congressional campaign committees?

They control the direction and success of individual campaigns.
They choose the best candidates to represent their parties.
They are an example of the strong central discipline of American parties.
They contribute significant amounts of money to national parties.
They supplement the funds raised by individual congressional candidates.

Question 47
Which of the following defines or describes "contacting behavior" and other forms of particularized participation?

It tends to be used by those with the most political knowledge and resources.
It is consistent with democratic theory.
It may sacrifice majority interests to private interests.
It is described by all of these.
It is described by none of these responses.

Question 48
The election of 1824 was the first to feature

selection of the president by the House of Representatives.
campaign contributions from political action committees.
selection of presidential electors by popular vote in most states.
widespread use of television campaigning.
selection of electors by state legislatures.

Question 49
Which means of political participation serves the ideal of equality better than does any other?

Running for office
Contributing to campaigns
Contacting officials
Voting in elections
E-mailing concerns to elected officials
Question 50
Which of the following statements about American political parties is false?

A person's party identification, once developed, tends to endure.
The number of Democrats in the electorate consistently exceeded that of Republicans until the mid-1990s.
Independents outnumber the combination of Democratic and Republican party identifiers in the U.S. electorate.
The proportion of Democrats in the electorate has shrunk over time, to the benefit of both Republicans and independents.
50% of children adopt the same party affiliation as their parents.
Question 51
The low circulations of The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal compared with those of TV Guide and the National Enquirer seems to indicate that most Americans

are more interested in entertainment than in political news.
don't trust the Times and the Journal.
read library copies of newspapers.
cannot afford a newspaper subscription.
want issue-oriented reporting.

Question 52
The case study on the development of the United Farm Workers union demonstrates

the importance of leadership in successfully organizing interest groups.
that the civil rights movement provided a model for the successful organization of migrant farm workers.
the importance of a well-financed effort.
neither a nor b.
both a and b.

Question 53
Available evidence seems to indicate that there are _____ among journalists and reporters.

liberal leanings
conservative leanings
biases in favor of politicians
no biases at all
negative leanings.

Question 54
One feature of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was its

attempts to tighten national control over media ownership and product content.
efforts to deregulate all privately-owned media.
encouragement of restrictions on web pages.
relaxation of rules on media ownership.
increase in government-owned media outlets.

Question 55
The most important factor determining voter choice in an election, according to democratic theory, is

believability and reliability of the candidate.
party identification.
polling results.
amount of media coverage.
the issues.

Question 56
The Whig Party was formed to oppose the

Jacksonian Democrats.
National Republicans.
Democratic Republicans.

Question 57
Congress receives much less media coverage than the president does because

Congress prefers to conduct its business in secret.
most reporters do not understand the importance of Congress.
reporters and editors resist Congress's liberal bias.
Congress has many members and is thus difficult to personify.
the President has more media relations staff than does Congress.

Question 58
During the 2000 presidential campaign, _____ got most of their campaign news from the Internet.

most people
political consultants
about 89% of the people
about 11% of the people

Question 59
Since 1974, the number of independent, or nonconnected, PACs has

remained stable.
declined sharply.
increased sharply.
shown no clear pattern.
fluctuated with the amount of money available to be spent by candidates in campaigns.

Question 60
Which of the following is a group most likely to maintain its current level of membership?

A citizen's group.
A pro-abortion rights group.
A pro-environmental rights group.
A group promoting increased government assistance for non-profit organizations.
A labor association or trade group.
Hello Mike,

I received your questions and should have this set finished by this evening.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX got the extension she added on ten more questions so it will end up being 80 instead of 70 total but it will still only be one more group. Thank you so much for the help.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have asked some more questions. I addressed them to you but another expert is trying to answer and I cannot see the questions under my questions so I am thinking she has it locked.

Hello Mike,

I am working on the other questions you posted now.


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