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1.Given the current trend in downsizing, some human resource

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1.Given the current trend in downsizing, some human resource departments now maintain a _____ chart for each employee. 1. job depth 2. job analysis 3. productivity 4. replacement 5. attrition 2.The _____ Act, which became effective in June 1963, prohibits wage discrimination on the basis of sex. 1. Equal Pay 2. Civil Rights 3. Readjustment Assistance 4. Age Discrimination 5. Family and Medical Leave 3.Test _____ refers to the consistency or reproducibility of the results of a test. 1. refutability 2. ability 3. reliability 4. validity 5. accuracy 4.What kind of systems should be developed using job descriptions? 1. Organizational design 2. Total quality management 3. Reward 4. Team building 5. Networking 5.Test _____ refers to the extent to which a test predicts a specific criterion. 1. refutability 2. consistency 3. reliability 4. accuracy 5. validity 6.Job rotation is part of this type of a training program. 1. Feedback 2. On-the-job 3. Management development 4. Coaching 5. Apprenticeship 7.One disadvantage of job rotation is that the trainee is frequently given _____ assignments in each job. 1. difficult 2. menial 3. multiple 4. risky 5. repetitive 8.The _____ technique simulates a realistic situation by requiring each trainee to answer one manager's mail and telephone calls. 1. in-basket 2. case study 3. role play 4. business game 5. online training 9.This is a variation of the case study method where the trainee is initially given only the general outline of a situation and the instructor then provides additional information as the trainee requests it. 1. Organic method 2. Mechanistic method 3. Linking-pin method 4. Incident method 5. Tapered method 10.In _____ training, an employee is given instruction and experience, both on and off the job, in all of the practical and theoretical aspects of the work required in a skilled occupation. 1. on-the-job 2. management development 3. vestibule 4. on-line 5. apprenticeship 11._____ are what an employee perceives are his or her contributions to the organization. 1. Wages 2. Inputs 3. Channels 4. Controls 5. Work rules 12._____ involves giving an employee more of a similar type of operation to perform. 1. Job enlargement 2. Motivation-maintenance 3. Opinion polling 4. Quality system 5. Methods engineering 13.The _____ is based on the assumption that individuals are motivated to satisfy a number of needs and that money can directly or indirectly satisfy only some of these needs. 1. quality circle 2. two-factor 3. hierarchy of needs 4. behavioral model 5. bell curve 14._____ is concerned with what activates human behavior, what directs this behavior toward a particular goal, and how this behavior is sustained. 1. Leadership 2. Empowering 3. Necessity 4. Motivation 5. Satisfaction 15.Competence and success are 1. safety needs. 2. esteem needs. 3. physiological needs. 4. social needs. 5. self-actualization needs.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have 10 extras please

OK, but please list all questions in the original post in the future. Also, if you could add a small bonus ($5-$6) for the extra questions, I would appreciate it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


OK, go ahead and list the other 10 questions when you are ready. Also, please advise me of your deadline for these.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

45 min

16.Identify an assumption that a Theory X leader is least likely to subscribe to. 1. The average individual has an inherent dislike for work. 2. The average individual prefers to be directed. 3. Security is a major concern for an average individual. 4. The average individual has relatively little ambition. 5. The intellectual potentialities of an average individual are only partially utilized.

17.According to the path-goal theory, _____ leadership involves consulting with subordinates and asking for their suggestions in the decision-making process. 1. Authority-obedience 2. Supportive 3. Role classification 4. Participative 5. Telling style

18.Identify the leadership style that involves cultivating employee acceptance of the group mission.

1. Transactional 2. Supportive 3. Transformational 4. Participative 5. Country club

19.Which type of a leader is most likely to use an authoritarian style of leadership?

1. Theory X leader 2. Theory Y leader 3. Participative leader 4. Laissez-faire leader 5. Democratic leader

20.Identify the type of leader who postulates that the average human being has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it, if possible.

1. Middle-of-the-road 2. Theory Y 3. Theory X 4. Laissez-faire 5. Democratic

21.Opposing personalities often result in _____ type of conflict.

1. cognitive 2. functional 3. objective 4. affective 5. interpersonal


22.Feelings or emotions are incompatible and the result is usually anger at the other person. Identify the type of conflict discussed here.

1. Cognitive 2. Functional 3. Objective 4. Affective 5. Interpersonal

23.Response to frustration and anxiety can vary and be expressed through withdrawal symptoms. Identify an instance of a withdrawal behavior.

1. Higher absenteeism 2. Aggression 3. Drug abuse 4. Excessive drinking 5. Sabotage

24.Which of the following is an example of an employee assistance program?

1. A Program that is designed to prevent illness and enhance employee well-being. 2. A system of periodic employee training addressing such issues as workplace policies and warning signs of violence. 3. A program that allows the recipient to take time off, often with some pay cut, while retaining benefits. 4. A program that employs a coordinator who evaluates the employee's problem only sufficiently to make a referral to the proper agency or clinic for diagnosis. 5. A program that attempts to identify any work related causes of stress.


25.All of the following are types of intergroup or structural conflict except

1. unequal departmental dependence. 2. role dissatisfaction. 3. common resource dependence. 4. organizational conflict. 5. communication barriers.


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are you able to help me with 25 computer questions similar to the previous


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

im available till 12 noon i have 25 questions.


I didn't see any reply this morning, so I missed your message. I can help after 4pm Central time if you are available then.

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