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are you able to help me with some computer questions right

This answer was rated:

are you able to help me with some computer questions right now

Thanks for requesting me.

If these are like your prior multiple choice questions, yes I think I can help. Go ahead and list the questions and I will work on them if I am able to.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


1.To _____ is to send data to a satellite.


1. uplink 2. downlink 3. modulate 4. demodulate

2.Which among the following is considered a line of sight communication medium?

1. Broadcast radio 2. Satellite communication 3. Bluetooth 4. Infrared


3.The capacity of a communication channel is measured in

1. bandwidth. 2. bit capacity. 3. band rate. 4. data flow.


4.A special computer that checks all communication that passes through it between a company's internal networks and the outside world is called a

1. base station. 2. node. 3. supercomputer. 4. proxy server.

5.Organizations use the following to allow suppliers and others limited access to their networks.

1. intranets 2. extranets 3. firewalls 4. proxy servers


6. A unique numeric address used by the computer to deliver e-mail and to locate Web sites is called the

1. domain address. 2. protocol address. 3. IP address. 4. Web address.

7.This law gives you the right to look at your personal records held by government agencies:

1. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 2. Freedom of Information Act 3. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 4. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

8.The most important procedure to protect software and data is to

1. screen applicants to be sure they have no previous records. 2. guard passwords and frequently change them. 3. make frequent backups of data and store them in remote locations. 4. audit data and programs once a year


9.A common way to protect information being sent over a network, when long distance is involved, is

1. restricting access. 2. putting up a firewall. 3. providing passwords. 4. encrypting.


10.Theft can take many forms – of hardware, of software, of data, of computer time. White-collar computer crime frequently involves the theft of

1. applications. 2. company's computer time. 3. data. 4. property.


Thanks for the questions. The answers are:

1. 1. uplink
2. 4. Infrared
3. 1. bandwidth.
4. 4. proxy server.
5. 2. extranets
6. 3. IP address.
7. 2. Freedom of Information Act
8. 3. make frequent backups of data and store them in remote locations.
9. 4. encrypting
10. 3. data

Hope this helps!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have a few more ill leave a nice bonus thanks


11.A device that protects against a sudden increase in electrical power is a(n)

1. anti-spiker. 2. voltage regulator. 3. network terminator. 4. surge protector.


12.Which among the following is a fraudulent or deceptive act designed to trick individuals into spending time or money for little or no return?

1. Malicious program 2. Internet scam 3. Theft 4. Data manipulation

13.In a GDSS, the _____ is generally a decision-maker.

1. programmer 2. technician 3. user 4. client

14._____ show the difference between the income and expenses of the company for a specific time period.

1. Income statements 2. Balance sheets 3. Accounts payable 4. Inventory

15.This typically consists of transactions from the transaction processing system.

1. System software 2. External data 3. Decision model 4. Internal data


16.This level of management is involved with tactical planning within an organization.

1. Top management 2. Middle management 3. Supervisors 4. Stockholders


17.The _____ keeps records of the number of each kind of part or finished good in the warehouse.

1. payroll 2. inventory control system 3. sales order processing 4. general ledger


18._____ system helps supervisors by generating databases that act as the foundation for the other information systems.

1. Decision support 2. Management information 3. Transaction processing 4. Executive support


19.If all the data in a database is not physically located in one place, it would be a(n)

1. individual database. 2. Web database. 3. commercial database. 4. distributed database.


20.Collectively, a person's name, address, and age would be called a

1. character. 2. record. 3. field. 4. file.


21.The combined information presented on a(n) _____ can be used to change the whole merchandising strategy of a store.

1. commercial database 2. individual database 3. company database 4. distributed database

22.This commercial database offers news and information on legal, public records, and business issues.

1. CSi 2. Dialog Information Services 3. Dow Jones Interactive Publishing 4. LexisNexis


23.A credit card bill that is processed at one shot - say the end of the month - is an example of

1. batch processing. 2. group processing. 3. real-time processing. 4. consignment processing.


24.Information collected by an organization from a variety of external and internal databases is stored in special type of database called a

1. data warehouse. 2. commercial database. 3. company database. 4. company warehouse.


25.The data and the DBMS are stored either on the user's hard-disk drive or on a LAN file server in these databases.

1. Company databases 2. Individual databases 3. Commercial databases 4. Web databases


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