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1.Which of these terms does not mean the same as the others? 1.

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1.Which of these terms does not mean the same as the others?

1. Stand-alone operating system
2. Embedded operating system
3. Desktop operating system
4. Client operating system

2.In a computer system, data and programs are stored as

1. files.
2. records.
3. archives.
4. annals.

3.Identify which of the following statements is not true.

1. Microsoft Windows is popular among 90 percent of the market.
2. Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows.
3. Mac OS is not popular since its features are hard to use.
4. One of the latest versions of Mac OS is called Mac OS X.

4.In many application programs, this feature is used to provide information or request input.

1. Windows
2. Menus
3. Dialog boxes
4. Pointer

5.Name a feature on a Mac which is an advanced search tool that can rapidly locate files, folders, and e-mail messages.

1. Tiger
2. Spotlight
3. Dashboard
4. Leopard

6.Before sending a large file over the Internet, you might want to use one of these programs.

1. Disk defragmenter
2. Uninstaller
3. Disk cleanup program
4. File compression program

7.In a microcomputer system, the CPU is contained on a single chip called the

1. semiconductor.
2. ALU.
3. microprocessor.
4. Control Unit.

8.When you reboot your system, the computer takes instructions to start from the
3. DDR
4. ROM

9.This term is used to describe the number of bits that a CPU can access at one time.

1. Bitrate
2. Word
3. Pulse width
4. Character

10.With these systems, input and output devices are located outside the system unit.

1. Desktop systems
2. Personal digital assistants
3. Smartphones
4. Laptop computer

11.Which of the following can be used to connect several devices to the system unit and is widely used to connect keyboards and mice?

1. USB port
3. Parallel port
4. Firewire bus

12.On the motherboard, the connection points for chips are referred to as

1. slots.
2. sockets.
3. ports.
4. lines.

13._____ is any data or instructions sent to the computer.

1. Digital
2. Output
3. Information
4. Input

14._____-input devices convert sounds into a form that can be processed by the system unit.

1. Electrolyzing
2. Plotting
3. WebCam
4. Audio

15.A keyboard key, like Caps Lock, that turns a feature on or off is called a _____ key.

1. power
2. toggle
3. function
4. combination

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i have ten more it would really help me out i will give a nice bonus Laughing

16.Instead of using a mouse, you can use this pointing device to control the pointer by rotating a ball with your thumb.

1. Pointing stick 2. Touchpad 3. Joystick 4. Trackball


17.If your wrist is getting strained from repetitive typing, it is advisable to use a(n)

1. ergonomic keyboard. 2. wireless keyboard. 3. traditional keyboard. 4. flexible keyboard.

18.Used commonly for classroom presentations, _____ connect to microcomputers to give output similar to a monitor.

1. scanners 2. HDTV 3. e-books 4. data projectors

19.This process improves system performance by acting as a temporary high-speed holding area between a secondary storage device and the CPU.

1. Data compression 2. Data access 3. Disk caching 4. RAID

20.Which of the following measures the amount of time required by the storage device to retrieve data and programs?

1. Nonvolatile media 2. Capacity 3. Access speed 4. RAM

21.Three ways to improve the performance of a hard disk include

1. disk caching, RAID, and file expansion. 2. file compression, disk caching, and file encryption. 3. disk caching, RAID, and file compression. 4. RAID, file compression and disk expansion.

22.The standard for high definition optical discs is

1. DVD-RAM. 2. HD DVD. 3. Blu-ray. 4. HD CD.

23.The ____ indicates how much data a particular storage medium can hold.

1. access 2. capacity 3. memory 4. storage

24.Optical discs

1. can hold up to 10 gigabytes of data. 2. use magnetic charges to represent 1s and 0s. 3. typically use a single track that spirals toward the center of the disk. 4. have had little impact on storage.



25.Hard disks store and organize files using all the following, except

1. tracks. 2. sectors. 3. cylinders. 4. paths.


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