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at what frequency will resonance be achieved in a circuit with

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at what frequency will resonance be achieved in a circuit with a 300nf capacitor and a 15H inductor? show calculations
calculate the Q factor for a circuit with a 25nf capacitor in series with a 0.03H inductor and a resistor of 15k ohm show calculations.what would be the Q factor for the circuit above if the inductor and capacitor were in parallel ?
calculate the reactance of a 0.1H inductor at a frequency of 3000Hz.
calculate the reactance of a 35nf capacitor at a frequency of 500Hz.
three 30ohm resistors are connected in a star formation to a 415v three phase supply.calculate the power dissipated.
a single phase circuit has a phase angle of 60 degrees between the current and the voltage.calculate the power factor.
please show all calculations for the above.
I am working on these questions and will uploads answers shortly. As there are many questions, I would request a bonus of $10.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok thats fine


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