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Dr. Amit
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1.Identify the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer

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1.Identify the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system.

1. Hard disk, input/output, secondary storage, and display devices.
2. System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and primary storage.
3. System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and communication.
4. System unit, modem, RAM, and microprocessor.

2.Identify the program that coordinates computer resources, provides an interface between users and the computer, and runs applications.

1. Systems software
2. Operating system
3. Application software
4. Device driver

3.The capability of your microcomputer to share information with other computers is referred to as

1. the wireless revolution.
2. system memory.
3. computer competency.
4. connectivity.

4.Which of the following is not a required part of an information system?

1. People
2. Procedures
3. Internet
4. Data

5.The most widely used handheld computers are

1. laptop computers.
2. PDAs and smartphones.
3. notebooks and netbooks.
4. tablet PCs.

6.This computer component holds data that is currently being processed.

1. RAM
2. ROM
3. Bus
4. Ports

7.This type of e-commerce often resembles the electronic version of the classifieds ads or an auction.

1. B2C
2. C2C
3. C2B
4. B2B

8.Parents can use this type of program to block access to selected Web sites.

1. Plug-in
2. FTP
3. BitTorrent
4. Filter

9.Which of these applications is a Web-based application?

1. QuickTime
2. BitTorrent
3. Google Apps
4. PayPal

10.The Internet is a(an) _____.

1. actual network
2. virtual network
3. multimedia interface
4. domain name

11.Which of these sites is an example of a metasearch engine?

1. Google
2. Dogpile
3. Ask
4. Medscape

12.Launched in 1969 as a U.S funded project that developed a national computer network, the Internet was initially called __________.

1. World Wide Web
2. Intranet
3. NSFNet

13.Which would be most appropriate application to create, analyze and forecast budgets?

2. Word processor
3. Spreadsheet
4. PowerPoint

Dr. Amit :

Hello renter 2012 and welcome.

Dr. Amit :

Can you read me properly and are able to chat here in this chat window?


Customer :

yeah helllo

Customer :


Customer :

can u help me out?

Customer :

im on a time frame of 60 min i also have 12 more questions?

Dr. Amit :

yes i can help you out but i am sure i can help on 12 more for current value of the question


Dr. Amit :

Further how much time has elapsed out of those 60 minutes? its very important to know


Dr. Amit :

I want to reply on very quick basis. Kindly reply. By the way I have started solving the questions


Customer :

yeah thats ok . were at 60 now

Dr. Amit :

So in total there are 13+12= 25 questions and 60 minute window from now? Am i right?


Dr. Amit :

Kindly post the other 12 questions, so that i can have a look at them too and let you know about the question pricing issue.


Customer :


14.This is a character-effect.

1. Find and replace 2. Numbered list 3. Color 4. Bullets



15.Integrated packages are sometimes referred to as

1. personal software. 2. software suites. 3. application suites. 4. online software.


16.The purpose of this software program is to manipulate numeric data.


1. Database manager 2. Function 3. Formula 4. Spreadsheet


17.When one of the items on a menu bar is selected, a(n) _____ appears.

1. additional list of menu options or a dialog box 2. window 3. toolbar 4. graphical user interface



18.Spreadsheet programs create

1. workbook files. 2. text documents. 3. financial presentations. 4. tools to enter, retrieve and edit data.


19.You can use this type of software to filter out pops or scratches in an old recording:


1. Multimedia authoring program 2. Web authoring program 3. Audio editing program 4. Desktop publishing program


20.All of the following are uses of interactive multimedia in the field of education, except:

1. online testing. 2. distance learning. 3. Web page design. 4. in-class presentations and demonstrations.


21.A popular multimedia authoring program is

1. Microsoft Excel. 2. Adobe Photoshop. 3. Corel. 4. Toolbook.


22.Through intuition and reasoning, people are best at solving these types of problems.


1. Numeric 2. Logical 3. Unstructured 4. Structured



23.Suppose you could see the world through the eyes of an ant. This simulation would be an example of

1. virtual reality. 2. fuzzy logic. 3. knowledge-system. 4. expert system.



24.Raster images are also known as

1. bitmap images. 2. vector images. 3. clip art images. 4.multimedia images.



25.Raster images are also known as

1. bitmap images. 2. vector images. 3. clip art images. 4. multimedia images.

Dr. Amit :

Alright. I am working on them and will post answers to first 13 questions first. Thereafter i will work on left over 12. I see the present question value is $20 (As you are a new customer, i would like to inform that experts are paid 50% of what you deposited). So you can add a bonus of $15-20 at the end. I hope that is fine. let me know (Update: 4 questions solved)

Customer :

yeah ill willl do that i think it was 40$. not a problem.

Dr. Amit :

Yes you deposited 40$ but as i informed you, experts are paid 50% of what you deposit. As you are a new customer, i strongly advise you to read more about how the site >

Customer :

ok will do thanks

Customer :

hello hows it coming along?

Customer :

were at 35 min


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Also i am about to complete others....but see that 24th and 25 question you posted are same.. is that an error?

Kindly reply asap.
Can you read me?
I am still waiting for reply. Kindly refresh your page
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yeah 24 25 the same


That is pretty weird Tongue out

Any way i am done with 2nd set of 12 questions.
I have pasted all the answers now in the same file, i posted the download link of , above.

Kindly go to that link again or refresh the page and download all the answers.

Thanks for rating the answer and instant bonus.
If you need any more help in future, just let me know.
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Have you read my previous post?

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Kindly acknowledge all is fine.



Hello are you there?

Kindly acknowledge. I am still worried, you are not refreshing the page? is it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

all good thank you!

Oh ok. great.
You surely need to get acquainted a bit about site functions and working.
Actually there are two ways of talking..Chat (which is quick but difficult sometimes for new customers or when browser has issues) and Question& Answer thread we talked lately. So that needs refresh. I like the latter more and customer also gets reply notifications in his/her email account.

So refreshing the page is very logical and important.

Any way, as i mentioned, if you need any more help in future, just let me know.
You can always, directly request me, by adding "For Dr.Amit" before your question

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

dr. Amit i have some principles of managment questions are you available ?

I have already replied to your question
Kindly check back there and reply in that thread only.


P.S. Kindly refreshing that page for updates or check your registered email. it looks like you are not getting updates as you are not doing so.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sending update

I am sorry but i am not able to understand your last reply.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello are you available

Hello Customer

Yes i am available now.

Do you need help with any other question?
I am often online from early morning to late evening EST.

Let me know.

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