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DQ1- What is a preliminary examination? What is the relationship

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DQ1- What is a preliminary examination? What is the relationship between a preliminary examination and the role of a grand jury? How does a preliminary examination apply to individual rights within the criminal justice system? Explain.

DQ2- Give an example of exculpatory information. How does the disclosure of exculpatory information impact criminal proceedings within the criminal justice system? What would happen if disclosing exculpatory evidence was not within the duty of the prosecutor? Explain.

DQ2-Tamara-Jason-An example of exculpatory information is when an individual has given a collateral against the loan taken by him as a security, the bank maintains a clause in the agreement which states that if the borrower evades in repaying the loan after a particular period, then his property will be implemented to make up for the losses. The criminal justice system is impacted by the exculpatory information because it tends to describes evidence which might justify or exonerate an accused person's actions and show they had a lack of criminal intent. If exculpatory evidence was not within the duty of the prosecutor I believe it would hinder a lot of cases because material allegedly not turned could be confessions to a crime or evidence to disprove a crime exist will not be presented in court to aid the defense which is unfair.

DQ1-Tamara to Jason-The preliminary elimination consist of getting rid of cases that should not go to trial innocent suspects will be screened and eliminated along with simple cases removed from the trial dockets. Prosecutors may exercise their discretion to dismiss even when probable cause to convict exists. The grand jury and the preliminary examination are two screening organizations, and the reserved function of each is to decide if the state can present probable cause to support a prosecution. The preliminary examination applies to individuals rights within the criminal justice system because if probable cause cannot be established by the prosecutor the case must be dismissed. In the sixteenth century the preliminary examination was designed to safe guard information of the crime immediately after an arrest. However, the up- to- date preliminary examination ends with the judge compelling over a case for trial or dismissing, varying on whether are not the prosecutor established probable cause. In the search for justice, other important purposes of preliminary examinations for the state and the defense are setting the amount of bond the defendant will receive if held for trial, the receipt of information about the credibility of witnesses and evidence, the elimination of unsupported charges, and the relief of the accused from the humiliation and expense of a criminal trial.

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