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DQ1-What is right to counsel? Explain when the right to counsel

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DQ1-What is right to counsel? Explain when the right to counsel attaches, and when it does not apply. How has the development of right to counsel impacted the criminal justice system? What changes to right to counsel would you suggest? Why? Explain.

DQ2-What is eyewitness identification? How do eyewitness identification procedures affect the systematic procedures within each area criminal justice process? Explain the dangers of eyewitness identification. How can we improve eyewitness identification procedures to assure greater accuracy? Explain.

DQ1- April to Tamara-Do you feel that at times the right to counsel could need to be a requirement instead of just a right? I know I have heard cases in the past where an individual has waived their right to counsel and have tried to defend themselves. In some of these cases the individual was just not qualified or capable of performing this task. Do you think that in an instance where the individual decides to forgo their right to counsel the judge should have them tested to ensure they really are capable of defending themselves and if not have a attorney appointed to defend the case even if the individual does not want one? I personally think they should simply because some people feel they can do things they cannot and could end up causing themselves and the court a lot of grief.

DQ1- Tamara to April-April you make a valid point and yes I do believe that right to counsel should be a requirement especially in cases where the defendant does not have the capability to defend his or herself. Many times defendants think because they are being charged with a petty crime they can easily represent themselves because they are innocent or they think they will not receive a large sentence or fine. Also many defendants do not know the law and the legal procedures to the process of court cases as well as a lawyer does. Although for simple crimes such as traffic violation I do not think a lawyer is required what do you think?

DQ2- Tamara to April-eyewitnesses play a vital role in the administration of justice in this country and their testimony can provide the key to identifying, charging, and convicting a suspect in a criminal case. I agree that before a eyewitness is allowed to pick a suspect out in a line up they should be required to give a full description of the suspect, such as age, race, height, weight and clothing description. Also the police should compare the sketch to the suspect that is picked out in the line up. I also think eyewitness should be aware of the seriousness of false identification and understand that their testimony will cause a innocent person their freedom if the wrong person if chosen in the line up. Do you think that eyewitnesses should be penalized for accusing an innocent person in a line up?

DQ2- April to Jason-Eyewitness identification is when a witness comes forward with evidence which they witnessed themselves. Eyewitness identification procedures affect the systematic procedures within each area of the criminal justice process because throughout the process the eyewitness can change what hey saw or what they heard. As time passes so does the memories of the eyewitness. What might have seemed right shortly after the incident could and in most cases will change by the time the eyewitness is called to give the evidence to the jury. Outside influence is also a major factor. It is important to record what the eyewitness states at the beginning and continue to compare it with later statements in order to ensure the information is accurate and that the eyewitness has not forgotten what they witnessed.

Changing the way we record what the eyewitness has told the police and using the information that is obtained first is one of the most important aspects of the eyewitness evidence. Information should be recorded on more than one device and also placed in writing this way there is not mistake later as to what the eyewitness actually saw and the jury cannot be lead in the wrong direction by an eyewitness who has simply forgot what color shirt the accused was wearing.

Alex :

200 words for the first two and then responses for the other 4? Due date?


yes DQ's tonight


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Sure, no problem. Working it now.





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