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Academic Integrity and Finding a Scholarly/Professional Voic

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From time to time, individuals may violate the ethics of their profession in their writing without fully understanding what they have done. Yet this does not excuse the violation. As a graduate student and public health professional, it is essential that you understand the policies and procedures related to ethical practice and integrity. Understanding how this carries over into academic integrity will help you become a better scholarly writer and professional. In education, academic integrity is one of the hallmarks of professional writing. Reflect on the resources on academic integrity and scholarly writing (from Weeks 1 and 2) as you complete the following:


Explain what Walden's University values regarding academic integrity mean to you as a developing scholar-practitioner. Then evaluate the impact of these values on the learning community.


Include an assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses regarding your ability to locate and use a scholarly/professional voice and succeed in scholarly/professional writing. Explain which aspects of each you would like to more fully develop or refine and how you will go about doing that.


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I need it today thanks!!


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