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38. When a tone is sounded, a babys right cheek is touched,

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38. When a tone is sounded, a baby's right cheek is touched, and the baby reflexively turns its head to the direction of the touch. After several pairings, the baby turns its head to the right as soon as it hears the tone. In this example, the conditioned stimulus is the (Points : 2)
head turning.
eye movement.
39. Steve used to love dogs but was badly bitten by a stray dog once. Now he is extremely fearful when he sees any dog nearing him. This is an example of (Points : 2)
a conditioned emotional response
an anxiety disorder
an operant
systematic desensitization.
40. Operant conditioning operates on the principle that behaviors occur more often when they are _____. (Points : 2)
41. Karen and her husband are very prejudiced, Their daughter Nikki, although only a small child, also reacts very negatively to people who are different from her. Her emotional response is most likely due to (Points : 2)
vicarious classical conditioning.
stimulus generalization.
stimulus discrimination.
42. If parents ignore a child's temper tantrums and the tantrums subsequently cease, _____ has occurred. (Points : 2)
stimulus generalization
stimulus discrimination
operant extinction
43. David punishes his puppy (by placing the dog in a "time-out" box for several minutes) for soiling the rug when he comes home from work. Which rule of punishment has David broken? (Points : 2)
It needs to be immediate.
It is long-lasting.
It needs to be consistent.
It works best if it is severe.
Just to let you know
I am working on these set of questions and will answer in a couple of minutes.


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You are welcome viviana.

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