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The victories of Sargon the Great

Customer Question

The victories of Sargon the Great
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello dear client,

Please elaborate your question a bit so that i can assist you accordingly.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Your a Finance Major, can you answere questions in World Civilazation?

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello Chris,

Yes i can, Please post your question in detail, i would love to assist you if i can.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is more than one question there is 20.

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Yes sure, go ahead :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.




2: Around 3200 b.c., the earliest forms of writing were invented in

a. Babylon
b. Sumer
c. Akkad
d. Assyria
e. Alexandria


3: During the first nine centuries of the Sumerian era

a. Several independent city-states, rather than a single unified government, existed in Sumer
b. Sumer was inhabited by nomadic tribes and had no cities
c. The dynasty of Nebuchadnezzar made Sumer into a mighty military power
d. The city of Babylon emerged as one of the seven wonders of the world


4: The victories of Sargon the Great

a. Freed Sumer from foreign domination
b. Placed the Amorites in control of Sumer
c. Established a period of peace that allowed the development of a legal and judicial code
d. Placed Sumer under Akkadian domination for almost two centuries


5: Climate and geography shaped Sumer’s accomplishments because

a. A harsh climate and a lack of natural resources made Sumerians perceive nature as an enemy to be subdued
b. An abundance of natural resources provided the incentive for development
c. Year-round flooding made centralized control of necessity
d. Accessibility to harbors made the region a trading center


6: Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes the development of wheeled transport?

a. It led to the use of the wheel in pottery making
b. It was first discovered by the Egyptians
c. It radicalized military techniques but had little effect on economic or political developments
d. It proved crucial in Sumerian irrigation and building projects



8: The earliest Sumerians conceived of their gods as

a. Heroes who acted like human beings
b. Disembodied natural forces
c. Omnipotent supernatural rulers
d. Spirits who resided in the bodies of their kings



11: The Code of Hammurabi did NOT

a. Divide society into two legal and clearly unequal classes
b. Enforce the principle of exact retaliation
c. Serve as the point of departure for the evolution of Western concepts of justice
d. Preserve social order by insisting that the aristocratic class was above the law


12: The epic of Gilgamesh revels

a. The dominance of the priestly class in Mesopotamian society
b. That the Hittites developed startling new artistic forms
c. That the Mesopotamians followed a rigid moral code based on the principle of “an eye for an eye.”
d. A secular philosophy of life that affirmed human experience and action on earth



13: Before the Old Babylonians, religious commitment had not included

a. The concept of the gods as superhuman
b. Prayer to personal gods who watched over the daily affairs of ordinary people
c. The notion of the priests as a separate class
d. Worship of individual deities as the patron gods of cities



14: Our division of the day into two sets of twelve hours, the hour into sixty minutes, and the minute into 60 seconds is derived from the mathematical achievements of the

a. Sumerians
b. Old Babylonians
c. Hittites
d. Chaldeans
e. Egyptians



15: Hittite strength depended on

a. Racial superiority
b. Availability of resources
c. Monopoly of the technology of the wheel
d. Monopoly of the technology of the iron



17: The Assyrian reputation of “frightfulness”

a. Is somewhat unjust since they were no more or less cruel than other primitive nations
b. Is based on an early 20th century misreading of an Assyrian document
c. Rested on their unprecedented use of chariots in warfare
d. Made the Assyrians a hated race and drove subject peoples to revolt


18: Which of the following places the Mesopotamian Civilizations in CORRECT chronological order:

a. The Sumerians, The Assyrians, The New Babylonians
b. The Hittites, The Sumerians, the New Babylonians
c. The New Babylonians, The Assyrians, The Sumerians
d. The Assyrians, the Hittites, the Sumerians



19: Which of the following is NOT true of New Babylonian astrology?

a. It bore witness to the New Babylonian belief that the universe could be measured and interpreted for humanity’s benefit
b. It served as a point of departure for Greco-Roman astronomy
c. It served as a personal religion for people who relied on their individual horoscopes for comfort and for guidance
d. It enabled the New Babylonians to compile a careful record of astronomical observations



20: The Mesopotamian legacy to the modern world includes all of the following EXCEPT

a. Influence on Old Testament theology
b. Artistic and architectural styles
c. Technological breakthroughs such as the wheel
d. Mathematics and jurisprudence



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello, Did you get my questions?

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello Chris,

Yes i did get your questions but i don't think i can assist you with these questions so i opted out which means your questions are available to all experts.

I hope you will get Reply ASAP!

Have a good luck with your questions!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you Jabi, Have a great day!!!!

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
No worries!

Have a good day too !!!

Expert:  Mijcar replied 5 years ago.

I am working on these now and am about half done.


I can't find the first question. Please post it as soon as possible.




Expert:  Mijcar replied 5 years ago.

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