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The following statement could well begin or end a discussion

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The following statement could well begin or end a discussion of Calvin.
With Calvin, the Reformation idea of the Church reaches full development. While he makes provisions for church (small “c”) organization and practice, this is only one aspect of the Church as he conceives it. The Church, simply put, is the community of “saints” living and dead. It is not marked by a particular structure, but rather by an attitude and a way of life. That attitude involves seeing life itself as religion and the living of life in a godly manner as an expression of the right relationship between God and man. Scripture provides us with what we need to know of godliness. It is up to us to engage constantly in the effort to be “godly”.
Please comment on this statement, noting passages in the readings that you find relevant.

LoriHR :

Hello--happy to help with this, as well--thanks for requesting me. :)


LoriHR :

Any particular word count for this? And completion date? Thank you.

LoriHR :

PS---just noticed the prompt refers to relevant passages in the "readings" you have links to particular readings you'd like me to use, or titles of particular Calvin documents? I'll try my best to access those for you, if so.


LoriHR :

Hi, there, Betsy--I didn't hear back from you on this one regarding the readings, and so went ahead and used a general internet file. Just let me know if this was not okay--I'm happy to revise using anything you'd like to send. :) Here's the link:


Have a great evening!

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