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1. The unit 10 m is equivalent to A. 1 hm. C. 100 cm. B.

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1. The unit 10 m is equivalent to
A. 1 hm. C. 100 cm.
B. 1 dam. D. 100 mm.
2. The SI prefix that means 1,000 times smaller than the base unit is
A. milli. C. kilo.
B. centi. D. deca.
3. Convert 15 cg to milligrams.
A. 0.15 mg C. 150 mg
B. 1.5 mg D. 1,500 mg
4. Which one of the following measurements represents the longest distance?
A. 50 mm C. 5 m
B. 10 cm D. 1 km
5. On a construction site, the workers excavated 30,000 cubic feet of dirt. How many cubic meters did
they excavate?
A. 84.9 C. 849
B. 105 D. 1,050
6. If an object travels 400 m in 253 s, what is its speed in m/s?
A. 12.2 m/s C. 1.58 m/s
B. 13.1 m/s D. 20 m/s
7. Convert 77°F to Celsius.
A. 5°C C. 50°C
B. 25°C D. 60°C
8. If you were to say that a material has 2,000 kg/m3, you would be referring to its
A. volume. C. temperature.
B. mass. D. density.
9. The force on an area 16 m by 12 m is 24,000 N. What is the pressure per square meter?
(Note: This question requires two calculations.)
A. 125 Pa C. 501 Pa
B. 364 Pa D. 857 Pa
10. Which one of the following SI units is used to measure current?
A. Ampere C. Candela
B. Weber D. Watt
11. Which one of the following symbols represents a unit smaller than a meter?
A. cm C. hm
B. km D. dam
12. In the metric system, the numbers 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, and so on serve as
A. prefixes. C. symbols.
B. base units. D. conversion factors.
13. Convert 890 mm to centimeters.
A. 0.89 cm C. 89 cm
B. 8.9 cm D. 8,900 cm
14. The metric unit used to measure the distance from your home to your workplace is the
A. millimeter. C. meter.
B. kilometer. D. centimeter.
15. The amount of wire on a spool is listed as 150 m. How many pieces of wire 10 ft long can you cut
from this spool? (Note: This question involves two calculations.)
A. 15 C. 49
B. 38 D. 58
16. If a gas tank is labeled with a capacity of 70 liters, how many U.S. gallons will it hold? (Note: There
are 4 quarts in one gallon.) Round off your answer to the nearest tenth.
A. 15.4 gal C. 61.6 gal
B. 18.5 gal D. 74.0 gal
17. The term used to measure a change in speed of an object is
A. velocity. C. flow.
B. acceleration. D. capacity.
18. Estimate in pounds the mass of a 780-kg shipment.
A. 78 lb C. 860 lb
B. 354 lb D. 1,720 lb
19. Using metric system prefixes makes the metric system easier to learn because
A. the prefixes increase the need for conversion factors.
B. the symbols for the prefixes tell what they mean.
C. the prefixes decrease the number of base units to memorize.
D. the prefixes mean the same in both the English system and the metric system.
20. The number of meters in 1 km is
A. 0.01. C. 100.
B. 1. D. 1,000.
21. If the dimensions of a room are 10 ft by 20 ft, what is its approximate area in square meters?
A. 9 m2 C. 200 m2
B. 18.58, or 19 m2 D. 2152 m2
22. A joule is used to measure
A. power. C. torque.
B. energy. D. pressure.
23. Convert 26°C to degrees Fahrenheit.
A. 76.6°F C. 104.4°F
B. 78.8°F D. 112°F
24. Calculate the force of gravity on earth of an object that has a mass of 200 kg.
A. 20 N C. 326 N
B. 123 N D. 1,962 N
25. In SI, motor output is rated in
A. horsepower. C. watts.
B. foot-pounds per second. D. kilowatts
Kindly indicate dead line for replying these questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is within 24 hours sound reasonable ?

Thanks. I will reply much before.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



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