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Owen, Attending Physician
Category: Homework
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Experience:  I teach medical students and residents with title of Asst. Professor
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what is the best way to learn to read better and faster and

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what is the best way to learn to read better and faster and take things I am reading in better

Owen : Actually the best way of learning to read better and to comprehend more of what you are reading is to actually just read more
Owen : You need to read more of different things
Owen : You should read novels, Non-fiction, and even reading text books, and well writtten mazazines and Newspapers especially the Opinnon columns of newspapers.
Owen : The more you read, then better you will become - there is no shortcut to this.
Owen : This goes for anyting in life - the more you do it, the faster you become at it, and the better you become at it.
Owen : I hope this helps

I have been looking at speed reading courses do you think these will help


Owen : Are you there?
Owen : Hello
Owen : Speeding courses are okay to allow you to get the 'main' idea of what you are reading - but they do not allow you to get the Entire amount of the reading material
Owen : And you will spend money on the speeding reading - where you will get so much more out of just reading more -
Owen : The more you read and more different types of material you read the faster, better and more comprehension you will get.
Owen : I hope this helps
Owen : Thank you for your question

thanks very much

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