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One of online learnings major benefits is: A. convenience.

Customer Question

One of online learning’s major benefits is:
A. convenience.

B. cost.

C. social opportunities.

D. ease of learning.

Online learning’s delivery is heavily dependent on:
A. contact.

B. memory.

C. technology.

D. instructors.

The online method of learning where students and faculty log on to the course at different times is called:
A. real-time.

B. synchronous.

C. face-to-face.

D. asynchronous.

The most obvious difference between online learning and traditional is:
A. ease of learning.

B. lack of face-to-face interaction.

C. anonymity.

D. quality of learning.

This is the platform that online universities use for delivering courses to students.
A. Computer

B. Learning Management System

C. Adobe Acrobat

D. University Web site

The most important hardware an online student must have is a(n):
A. video technology.

B. Learning Management System.

C. computer.

D. operating system.

The student’s willingness to complete all assignments and to take required quizzes and exams in a timely fashion demonstrates:
A. commitment.

B. motivation.

C. critical thinking.

D. self-discipline.

A key to the student’s ability to apply strategies so that school requirements, assignments, and exams are met in a timely fashion is:
A. critical thinking.

B. time management.

C. self-motivation.

D. communication.

The student’s ability to think through difficult problems or dilemmas and try to find possible and plausible solutions is:
A. commitment.

B. motivation.

C. critical thinking.

D. self-discipline.

The most basic software required for an online course where writing is involved is:
A. spreadsheet.

B. presentation.

C. word processing.

D. graphic software.

The technology generally used for communication with instructors and peers that allows for attachments of documents is:
A. chat.

B. e-mail.

C. multimedia.

D. discussion board.

The use of learning materials such as video and audio clips, animation, film, presentations, or podcasts is referred to as:
A. multimedia.

B. interactivity.

C. presentations.

D. learning styles.

The first and most important document to read when beginning your online course is the:
A. reading assignments.

B. course objectives.

C. course content.

D. course syllabus.

Exams, quizzes, homework assignments, projects, and measures of learning that are graded are called:
A. tests.

B. assessments.

C. requirements.

D. feedback.

This technology allows the online learner to connect to the online school in order to access the courses.
A. Multimedia

B. Internet

C. Operating system

D. Browser

__________ developed a list of critical factors that lead to success in non-traditional learning.
A. U.S. Department of Education


C. International Distance Education Certification Center

D. Microsoft

Software necessary to view videos and streaming audios such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime are called:
A. multimedia.

B. Media Player plug-ins.

C. downloads.

D. Adobe reader.

The myth about online learning is that it is:
A. not difficult at all.

B. cost-efficient.

C. convenient.

D. self-motivated.

__________ is/are used to create text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
A. Microsoft Office

B. Adobe

C. Word processors

D. Multimedia

At Ashworth College, the LMS used is:
A. eCollege.

B. Moodle.


D. Adobe.
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