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Case Study Title -Assessment Submit the title for your case

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Case Study Title -Assessment

Submit the title for your case study in the format of a Question, along with the purpose for this case study.

Assessment (Case Study) - A Case Study is an evaluation of a single example of a program, setting, learning experiences, or activities that may impact student growth. Each student is responsible for collecting (5) research articles that reflect the study. The case study should focus on a particular activity within the educational setting (e.g. student learning, strategies for improving student learning, impact of parental involvement, results of leadership and teacher involvement, diversity, differentiated instruction, etc). I just need a great title in the form of a question that would involve the above along with 5 research article sites to go with the question

thank you very much for your kind rating and the bonus. If you need help again please let me know? Have a good week.

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