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I had a Government teacher of mine once say that before World

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I had a Government teacher of mine once say that before World War 1 and World War 2, The United States would try to be neutral when it came to wars that didn't concern them. However, after World War 1 and World War 2, in order to prevent another World War, The United States decided to be like a police force in order to prevent another World War, and that that is why they intervened between North And South Korea, North and South Vietnam, and so forth. My question is this: Can this idea be traced to a specific President or politician? Who's idea was it exactly in other words? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello dear client,

Thank you for the question!

Yes the idea can be traced to a specific president or politician as we know that any one in the Parliament can propose the idea but implementation of that idea needs consent of all the members in the parliament. Communication through the entire process is a key. The submission of ideas for bills and submitting for actually bills are different. As used in the State of the Union address, a bill idea is important for different reasons and to have one stalled when it has been announced to a national (and international audience) means that the government is going to be watched carefully for implementation of the proper and necessary bill. Getting to the right person to introduce the bill into Congress is just as difficult. The person has to be one that others listen to and respect. The introducer has to be someone that is in or can access members of the necessary standing committees. The person also has to have enough ability to garner interest and votes to keep a bill moving through the process of the various committees and onto the floor or review, debate, and passing of the bill. Obama, so far, seems adapt at doing all this and should be able to get a great deal of his agenda passed. Health care reform was a clue as to his ability to accomplish his goals. While it became cumbersome, debated, and vague in some areas, it was a major first step and as with all bills, will need to be refined and changed until it meets the needs of the people it is intended to help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

But can you give me a name of who's idea it was to start getting involved in small wars with the idea to avoid a World War? Who was The President at least that did not veto this idea? Thank you.

Hello dear Jaime,

Thank you for your reply and time,

Give me couple of minutes for that :)

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

O.K. Thank you.


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