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Owen, Attending Physician
Category: Homework
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Experience:  I teach medical students and residents with title of Asst. Professor
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1. If a patient develops a gumma as a result of a Treponema

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1. If a patient develops a gumma as a result of a Treponema pallidum infection, the time e\apsed smoetins 
person was initially infected would be measured in.... 
A. days. 
B. weeks. 
C. months. 
D. years. 
E. can't tell because Treponema pallidium doesn't cause gummas. 

2. Antibiotic-associated colitis is most likely to develop in a patient in which s'Uuationc) 

A. colonized with Enterococcus faecalis and taking a broad-spectmm oraV antvbvotvc 

B. colonized with Enterococcus faecalis and taking a narrow-spectmm oraV aivt^vo^c 

C. colonized with Clostridium difficile and taking a broad-spectmm oraV antibVotic 

D. colonized with Clostridium difficile and taking a narrow-spectrum oral antibiotic 

3 If aiummunocompromised patient has bacterial pneumonia, which category  of drug would be most suitable for treating the disease (assume that everything else is equal)? 

A. low therapeutic index, bactericidal 

B. low therapeutic index, bacteriostatic 

C. high therapeutic index, bactericidal 

D. high therapeutic index, bacteriostatic 

4. All of the following are reasons why a bacterium could be resistant to penicillin EXCEPT 

A. the bacterium lacks a cell wall. 

B. the bacterium is Gram-negative. 

C. the bacterium produces penicillinase. 

D. the bacterium's PBPs don't bind penicillin. 

5. the bacterium lacks the transporter that moves penicillin into the cell. 
Which of the following about antibiotics is FALSE? 

A. Antibiotics are effective against viruses. 

B. Methicillin is pemcillmase-resistant. 

C DicloxiciHin is penicillinase-resistant. 

D'. Dicloxicillin is acid-resistant. 

E.' Ampicillin can be taken orally.

Owen :

Let me take some time to review your questions and I will get back to you with the answers in about 4 hours.

Customer: 4hours is too long in need within an hour please
Owen :


Owen :

let me try to get it to you

Owen :

I will have for you by 15 minutes after the hour - hopefully by the top of the hour -

Owen :

Let me start.

Owen :

1. E

Owen :


Owen :

1 is D - measured in Years

Owen :

2 is C

Owen :

3 is C

Owen :

4. is A - very tricky - because all bacteria have a cell wall -

Owen :

Can you look at the sentence prior at 5. - is that answer E to 4, and does 5 start with "Which of the following....."?

Customer: Ok sound good
Owen :

And, the answer to 5 is A - because antibiotics are NOT effective against viruses.

Owen :

I hope this helps

Owen :

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Owen :

We work for Positive ratings / feedback

Owen :

Thank you

Owen :

I wish you luck

Owen :

If you have more medical questions like this - ask for Dr Owen

Owen :

Please take care of your expert and please click on EXCELLENT Service

Owen :

thank you

Customer: How do I approve? It not letting me
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