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Question 16 The reasons for the relatively late development

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Question 16
The reasons for the relatively late development of African nationalism included

the rural population were little effected by colonialism and refused to change traditional ways until the 1980s.
Africa's late colonization meant that it would take longer for dissatisfaction to develop and become institutionalized.
northern and southern Africans were deeply divided over the issue of colonialism and linguistic and religious matters.
disputes over negritude and exoticism fatally divided francophone intellectuals.
the African climate which discouraged any efforts at nation building.

Question 17
Of recent African developments, it can be said that

South African hopes collapsed when President Nelson Mandela established a dictatorial regime.
true pluralistic democracy came to Algeria, at last, in 1995.
President Mobutu Sese Seko failed to keep his promise to create democratic pluralism in Zaire and was overthrown in 1997.
the termination of Soviet support for Marxism in Ethiopia produced anarchy and starvation in Nigeria.
U.S. forces occupied Somalia in 1992 to establish an East African military base.

Question 18
In the twentieth century, Western women have

experienced a dramatic change in status.
been unaffected by modern developments in contraception and abortion techniques.
found little support for birth control and abortion.
found fewer professional opportunities available to them than before 1910.
abandoned professional careers for the profession of homemaker.

Question 19
Which of the following statements accurately describes recent developments which have related to the environment?

E. F. Schumacher argued that modern production technology was undercutting the longability of society to produce or, possibly, even to survive.
Green movements have developed in an effort to restrict the spread of environmental protection efforts.
Communist regimes were the creators of the environmental movement.
Greens in northern Europe are now focused on animal rights issues only.
Charter 77 worked diligently to advance the appropriate development of pollution because its members believed pollution indicated progress.

Question 20
The substitution of traditional imports by increasing domestic industrial production in Latin America began to fail in the 1960s because

they often lacked sufficient labor to allow them to compete with foreign manufacturers.
Japan refused to buy any goods from countries using import
domestic markets were too small and countries were unable to find enough foreign buyers.
United States firms effectively stifled attempts to establish industry in Latin America.
foreign capital costs and a welter of other, highly technical problems fatally weakened attempts to expand Latin American industry.

Question 21
The term "ethnic cleansing" is associated with the tragedy in which occurred in

the Czech Republic, with the breakup of Czechoslovakia.
Bosnia, during the breakup of Yugoslavia.
Poland, with the overthrow of the Communist government by Solidarity.
the Ukraine, with the atomic explosion at Chernobyl.
East Germany, with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Question 22
The founding of the European Common Market

initially received strong encouragement from the Soviet Union, which played a leading role until the Cold War erupted.
established a customs union for its member states.
initially embraced the Benelux countries, along with Sweden and Czechoslovakia.
was initially designed with the hope it would stabilize employment for the working classes, but this hope was soon shown to be impossible.
was publicly opposed by the United States and the Soviet Union, both of whom threatened military action.

Question 23

had only a cautious, minimal subsidy program to private insurance companies to cover catastrophic health insurance for its citizens until 1999.
like Latin America, has an economy based entirely on the export of raw materials.
has only a poor working class with an average income considerably lower than that of bluecollar workers in Latin America.
has many citizens who believe the United States has excessive influence in Canadian politics and over the Canadian economy.
has three official languages: English, French and Cree.

Question 24
Which of the following Latin American politicians would not be described as a dictator?

Fulgencio Batista
Juan Perón
Vicente Fox
Fidel Castro
all of the above were dictators
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