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Week 5 Worksheet= 12. List three possible forms of court-ordered

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Week 5 Worksheet=
12. List three possible forms of court-ordered restitution:

13. ___________________ stem from prejudices against one’s race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical disability, or mental disability.

14. Define the following:

a. Incapacitation:
b. Rehabilitation and restoration:
c. Concurrent and consecutive sentencing:
d. Plea bargaining:
e. Intermediate sanctions:

DQ1- Charity to Me- I read your post, and we have to keep in mind that there are prostitute and there are escorts there is a difference do you know the difference? Escort companies that have escorts that they hire out keep a profile on the men and women on there data basis, AA long time ago I had a friend who was a escort and she told me how there company worked because I was curious. Do you think there are those companies like my friend said that do keep a profile she lived in vegas and there companies that have escorts are strict on there profile information. I think when it comes to prostitution there are ways that can make it help not spread so much disease by them going behind the law so there not getting in trouble and go through a place that keeps better track. any thoughts?

DQ2=Laura to me- Well Tonii I agree with your statements I also think asset forfeiture not only takes something someone has if it is actually involved in the act but as a debt for their crime. I could be wrong but that is what I understood from the readings. It makes sense to not only take something if used for the actually criminal act because the person is already a Criminal why not just use someone else's car or property so then they do not lose anything?

DQ2-Adrienne- Akhentenon-I read your response to the DQ and I agree with you when you said asset forfeiture laws at the federal level, and in most states, allow law enforcement to use proceeds of certain seizures for equipment and other needs, especially when the seized property is drug related and there are no victims to compensate. My question to you is this; Why do you believe that having asset forfeiture laws in as many agencies as possible is actually helpful both in reducing crime and helping law enforcement agencies to keep running with the necessary things they may need?

DQ2- Akenton-Jessica- I agree with your response and it was completely understandable. I though it was interesting that I was reading different things online and it stated the burden is on the government to prove that property was used to commit a crime, or acquired through the commission of a crime, or purchased with proceeds from the commission of a crime. In this case does it mean that the one charged does not have to prove innocence?
The way I am understanding is that if the government cannot prove the assets were not used to commit a crime or acquired or purchased with crime proceeds then the property or money can not be seized.

Alex : Hi. Will have it Tuesday evening.
Alex : Thanks, Alex

what time will u be done?

Alex :

Let me know when you need it and I'll try to make that time.


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