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Question 11

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Question 11 In regard to the relationship between Islam and women's rights, which of the following is the most valid statement? There is no longer a significant difference in ideas about female roles among the peoples of the West and the Arab world. Traditional attitudes have been reonly in Iran. Saudi Arabia has been the most conservative country in the Middle East in this matter. Early modernists viewed the wearing of the veil and the practice of polygamy as purely Islamic. Islamic rule produced a curtailing of women's rights in early twentiethTurkey. Question 12 In his Arusha Declaration of 1967, Julius Nyerere attempted to establish a system of socialism. take advantage of the multisystem in Tanzania. permit personal incomes to grow as much as they could. initiate economic programs in the villages that would become totally entrepreneurial. "jumpt" his nation's economy with a system of freecapitalism. Question 13 During the late colonial period in Africa imperialists filled all governmental positions, although business activities were usually controlled by wealthy Africans. the French kept to their original plan to make their African colonials culturally French. British colonies had African majorities in their legislatures and executive councils. the United States took the lead in the destruction of apartheid in South Africa. the British withdrew from Angola. Question 14 The formal establishment of the new state of Israel in May, 1948, was made more palatable for Arabs by Israeli support for the establishment of an Arab Palestinian state. resulted in war between Israel and its Christian neighbors. resulted in Arab denial of Israel's recognition. received United States support from President Franklin Roosevelt. led to a tentative peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Question 15 In the years since the nations of Africa attained independence economic wealth, but not social equality, has been achieved in all of Africa except the Republic of South Africa. most of the governments have not been pluralistic democracies. the goal of economic prosperity has been broadly achieved. social equality has become the norm. communism has taken permanent root in a majority of the nations south of the Sahara.

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