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Discuss your philosophy of sport management. Why does sport

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Discuss your philosophy of sport management. Why does sport need to be managed? Give specific examples from the text as well as from your experience. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Chris12 :

Hello do you need some help? What day and time is this assignment due? How many pages or words do you need? APA? How many references are required? Can you give me some examples from your book? Is there any additional information needed to complete the assignment?



it is due asap you can at least give me 250 words it does not have to be APA at least one reference. There are no need for additional information.

Chris12 :

Sports are games played by either professionals or the average joe. It is an opportunity to display talents, gauge
strengths/weaknesses, and how to work as a team. There are many aspects to sports, the players, coaches, managers, trainers, financiers, and the fans. The purpose of this essay is to describe sports management, why it’s need and real life examples. Sports management involves looking at the game basketball, rugby, lacrosse, etc. from a relational, psychological and financial level. Sports are considered to be more than a game it is a thriving business. “Indeed, sports provide serious entertainment and big business in this country, and sports managers are crucial to ensuring that the players, fans, coaches, and financial backers coexist peacefully (The Princeton Review, 2012).” (Or, as close to peacefully as possible.)


Sports managers are also involved with publicity, planning events, coaching and administration (The Princeton Review, 2012). They also deal with communication and law issues as well (The Princeton Review, 2012). There are two main
reasons that the world of sports requires managing: corruption and greed. There are millions upon millions to be made
through professional sports which mean that corners can be cut and athletes abused to make those millions. Methods such as: bribes to get the best players, steroids/performance enhancers and quick fixes such as pain killers so athletes can finish a game even though they may be permanently injured afterwards. Criscito and Bonucci are facing questions after police
arrest 17 people, including 11 players (Kington, 2012).


There are also instances of physical and psychological abuse as with the Penn State scandals (Associated Press, 2012).
Sports are a complicated intermixed relationship that requires constant adjustments in order to maintain balance. The sports manager is responsible for keeping his balance as much as possible.


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