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DQ1-Edgarto to -Laura- Your post was interesting regarding

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DQ1-Edgarto to -Laura- Your post was interesting regarding the situation of pornography. You stated "now quote me if I'm wrong, but how is it wrong if you and your partner wanted to make a porno? Now if that is not wrong then what if it gets in the wrong hands and is on the internet, sold, or showed to people, the people who made the porn I do not believe should be punished. The only reason I am using this as an example is that happened to a friend of mine and her boyfriend and they are actually facing charges because there 6 year olds friend stayed the night and took the movie home and their parents watched it and called the police". I would view this situation negatively if I was the six years olds parents too. Basically my thought process is that as with guns, pornography should not be accessible to young children. I do not believe making the porn was the issue but leaving it for small children to view. Pornography should be isolated from other movies and kept out of reach from children. I would like to ask you a question, What would you do or feel if it was your child bringing home this movie?

DQ1 - Edgardo to Makaysha- After reading your post I found it ironic how the views of society change over time as the morals and ideas of moral behavior change. Back in the sixties people that used drugs were viewed as peaceful activists standing against war. Today these people are viewed as the enemy as society is engaged in a campaign war on drugs. Prostitution is another evolving moral along with alcohol and cigarette smoking. I can remember not to long ago when every restaurant in town asked the famous question " smoking or non-smoking" when entering their establishment. That is basically a question of the past across the country. Clearly as morals change and society evolves our laws and perceptions of crime will also need to adapt and evolve alongside societal views.

Summary-Draft a new law not currently in your state (New York) or under the Model Penal Code, which you think should be a criminal law, including the punishment for it’s violation.
Make sure your legislation includes all elements of the offense, including the intent necessary to be established for conviction.
Include a preamble, specifying why the law must be enacted.
Possible resource to help you: Penal codes at and dumb laws at

Response to this question must be 300 words

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I need two DQ responses as soon as possible please.
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