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1. Persuasive authority is also known as _______ precedent.

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1. Persuasive authority is also known as _______ precedent.
A. binding C. authoritative
B. nonbinding D. correct

2. What type of jurisdiction allows federal courts to hear state
law claims stemming from the same facts as federal law
A. Concurrent C. Exclusive
B. Pendent D. Original

3. If attorney-client confidentiality is breached,
A. opposing counsel can’t question the attorney about any topic related to the lawsuit.
B. opposing counsel can question the client about any topic relevant to the lawsuit.
C. opposing counsel can ask either attorney or client
about subjects directly related to the confidentiality
that was breached.
D. opposing counsel can’t ask either attorney or client about topics, except for the
exact subject of the confidentiality that was breached.

4. How long are the terms of federal judges?
A. 10 years, subject to reappointment C. Lifetime
B. 25 years, with no reappointment D. Until 65 years of age

5. Legal assistants are ethically permitted to
A. interview witnesses and record their observations.
B. advise clients on what the law is in their situation.
C. appear in court on behalf of clients.
D. tell the client how to fill out legal forms.

6. Which of the following prevents a plaintiff from bringing a second lawsuit based on the
same facts, parties, and legal issues already decided in a prior lawsuit?
A. Double jeopardy C. Full faith and credit
B. Immunity D. Res judicata

7. Which of the following is an example of a breach of procedural due process?
A. A Social Security disability recipient is notified that his benefits will be discontinued,
and is given a hearing date.
B. A criminal suspect is held without a chance for a bail hearing until his trial is
C. A welfare recipient’s request for a court trial to protest a change in his benefits is
D. A person is given a ticket for running a red light, with the choice of paying the fine
or going to court.

8. You’re doing research for your supervising attorney, looking for a precedent the attorney can cite when filing a motion with the court. To find the “botXXXXX XXXXXne” of what the
outcome of the case was, where must you look?
A. The holding C. The issues
B. The findings of fact D. The caption

9. If a case becomes moot, the court
A. can give a nonbinding opinion for precedent purposes.
B. must wait for the case to be ripe before deciding it.
C. must postpone deciding the case.
D. must dismiss the case.

10. The Arizona legislature passes a law allowing Mexican immigrants to enter the U.S.
freely and establish residency, directly contravening federal law. After the governor
signs the law, what would likely happen next?
A. Courts in other states would use the law as precedent when deciding cases
involving Mexican immigration.
B. Federal district courts in Arizona would be obliged to decide cases based on the
new law.
C. The law would be invalidated based on the preemption doctrine.
D. The law would have to be upheld by the Supreme Court before it could be

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