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1. Recent research into goal setting suggests that goals should

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1. Recent research into goal setting suggests that goals should be expressed in general terms _____. (Points : 1)
when those involved are not likely to be able to accomplish the goal
in most situations
when the task is complex and there are many good strategies
only when those involved do not want to participate in the goal-setting program
none of the above

2. The results of job design programs suggest that they can be successful if _____. (Points : 1)
the model of job design is followed without alterations
the implementation occurs over a short period of time so employees can see the results
managers depend heavily on outside practitioners
they have employee involvement
all of the above

3. The reward system used in self-managed work teams is normally a profit-sharing system where a team member’s reward is based on the entire organization’s performance. (Points : 1)
4. The organization mirror provides a means for a work group to _____. (Points : 1)
improve its operating relations with other groups
tell the rest of the organization what type of work it does.
practice laboratory learning techniques
become more cohesive in order to place higher expectations upon its members
all of the above

5. A caution to consider with self-managed work teams is _____. (Points : 1)
that as the number of organization layers are increased, there is movement out of the teams into newly created management positions
over eagerness of the organization to implement the change
lack of training
all of the above
answers a and c

6. The goal-setting process in an OD program _____. (Points : 1)
typically does not begin until after intergroup development has taken place
is the last intervention activity to take place in the program
is usually used at the team and not individual level
is an integral part of the program and typically occurs early on in the program
answers c and d

7. Complex organizations tend to _____. (Points : 1)
create a situation of interdependence between departments
create autonomy between departments
inherently find that communications improve between departments
decrease communications since the organizational structure is more complicated than in simple organizations
all of the above

8. Available research into the effectiveness of self-managed teams _____. (Points : 1)
indicates employees experience greater satisfaction with their work
points to their effectiveness of the organization
indicates employees perform better when supervisors encourage self-direction
all of the above
answers a and c

9. Which is a major OD technique that is used for increasing the communication, cooperation, and cohesiveness of work units? (Points : 1)
team building
team planning
team objectives
role identification

10. The type of situation in an organization which requires the highest degree of team member interaction is a(n) _____. (Points : 1)
simple situation
interactive situation
problem situation
complex situation
answers c and d only

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