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Pennfoster High School Exam: 083216RR - INTERNET BASICS 1.

Customer Question

Pennfoster High School

1. Which of the following helps to moderate e-mail behavior?
A. Cyber police
B. Netiquette
C. Professional organizations
D. Governments
2. Evaluating an online article's publisher will aid in evaluating the article itself. Which of the following
publishers would add to the validity of an article on heart disease?
A. American Journal of Geology
B. Cosmopolitan
C. Reader's Digest
D. American Journal of Cardiology
3. Which of the following meta-search engines was an attempt at natural language inquires?
A. Dogpile
B. MetaCrawler
C. Internet Sleuth
D. Ask
4. Real Player, Flash Player, and Shockwave are examples of
A. protocols.
B. domains.
C. plug ins.
D. ISPs.
5. Business e-mail messages should
A. add expression by using emoticons.
B. include your opinions of the message's topic.
C. be short and to the point.
D. be answered within one week.
6. Which of the following indicates a Web site's country of origin is Canada?
A. .ca
B. .uk
C. .ka
D. .us
7. Which of the following best describes spam?
A. A program that will give your computer extra power
B. Electronic junk mail
C. Computer viruses
D. A program that's not compatible with your browser
8. In the language of the World Wide Web, "this page cannot be displayed" means
A. the browser can't find the Web site that you're seeking.
B. the ISP you've chosen is going to go out of business.
C. your computer's software is damaged.
D. the e-mail you're trying to open has been lost.
9. What does the program 7-Zip do for the files on your computer?
A. It condenses and expands files so they move easily over the Internet.
B. It closes Windows when you're working in other programs.
C. It helps you move quickly through a variety of Internet tasks.
D. It provides security for your computer when you're not using it.
10. Which kind of URL suffix would you most likely find attached to a site maintained by the Red Cross?
A. .com
B. .ca
C. .org
D. .edu
11. An online journal or diary you create to share your thoughts, opinions and personal news is referred to
as a/an
A. blog.
B. e-mail list.
C. chat room.
D. newsgroup.
12. When you're at work, your company e-mail is considered
A. the property of your employer.
B. an unofficial benefit.
C. an informal way to do business.
D. secure and private for your correspondence.
13. If Netiquette recommends not typing in all capitals (shouting), which of the following emoticons would
as the same breech of Netiquette?
A. :)
B. :(
C. :-0
D. :X
14. A Web site created for Maui Services has a URL of ".pro." Which of the following types of
organizations is Maui Services?
A. Nonprofit organization
B. Professional association
C. Licensed professional
D. For-profit organization
15. Which of the following browsers is typically built into Windows?
A. Internet Explorer
B. Bing
C. Chrome
D. Safari
16. One kind of software that's required to be able to access the World Wide Web is a/an
A. browser.
B. Internet connection.
C. e-mail address.
D. search engine.
17. Which of the following is not a meta-search engine?
A. Yahoo!
B. DogPile
C. Ask
D. Internet Sleuth
18. Which of the following best describes what a plug-in does?
A. Inserts information in online forms
B. Fills gaps in the phone line so data isn't lost
C. Makes it safer to attach your modem to an electrical connection
D. Expands a browser's capabilities
19. The software program you need to have to read PDF file, such as the PDF files you download from
your My Courses page, is
A. Shock Wave.
B. Adobe Reader.
C. Flash.
D. Applet.
20. The characteristics of an instant message include all of the following except
A. it's more structured.
B. it's more formal.
C. occurs between PCs.
D. it contains abbreviations.
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