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1. A graft taken from the patient's body is known as a/an
A. delayed graft. B. allograft.
C. pinch graft. D. autograft.
2. A patient presents to the orthopedic office complaining of pain in the wrist. Upon examination, the physician determines that the patient has a ganglion cyst. The physician injects the ganglion cyst with Xylocaine to reduce the pain. What is the correct code?
A. 20610 B. 20612
C. 20605 D. 20600
3. Which of the following is the correct code for an excision of the left great toenail and matrix, complete for permanent removal?
A. 11730-TA B. 11750-TA
C. 11720-TA D. 11740-TA
4. The term full thickness indicates through what layer of the skin?
A. Muscle B. Epidermis only
C. Subcutaneous tissue D. Epidermis and all of the dermis
5. Which treatment of a fracture requires the fracture to be exposed to view or opened at a remote site for nailing across the fracture?
A. Percutaneous B. Mixed
C. Closed D. Open
6. Arthrodesis codes 22585, 22614, and 22632 are add-on procedure codes and should not be used with which CPT modifier?
A. 51 B. 50
C. 25 D. 59
7. __ is the attachment of a spinal fixation device at each end of the area being repaired and at least one other attachment in the area being repaired.
A. Nonsegmental instrumentation B. Arthrodesis
C. Segmental instrumentation D. External fixation
8. Select the correct code for removal of 37 skin tags by electrosurgical destruction.
A. 11200, 11201 x 3 Units B. 11201 x 4 units
C. 11200 x 4 units D. 11200
9. Using the "Rule of Nines," one adult leg is what percentage of the human body?
A. 16% B. 12%
C. 14% D. 18%
10. What two items are needed to correctly code for local treatment of burns?
A. Percentage of body surface and width of burn B. Length and width of burn
C. Width and depth of burn D. Percentage of body surface and depth of burn
11. Incision and drainage codes are divided into subcategories according to the
A. size of the lesion. B. condition for which the procedure is performed.
C. amount of drainage. D. depth of the incision.
12. A bunionectomy is a hallux __ correction.
A. varus B. malleus
C. valgus D. rigidus
13. What is the code for the initial incision of an eschartomy and the add-on code for each additional incision?
A. 16035 B. 16035, +16036
C. 17000, +17003 D. 16036
14. The acronym ORIF stands for
A. open reduction with internal fixation. B. open release with internal fixation.
C. open reduction with imaging fluoroscopy. D. open reduction of internal fracture.
15. Electrical or ultrasound stimulation is used to
A. promote healing. B. remove dead tissue.
C. reduce joint pain. D. reduce joint swelling.
16. Which of the following is the correct code for dermabrasion of the segmental face?
A. 15781 B. 15783
C. 15782 D. 15780
17. Which of the following would not be reported separately, in addition to the excision code?
A. Intermediate closure B. Simple closure
C. Layered closure D. Complex closure
18. A graft taken from a human donor is known as a/an
A. pinch graft. B. autograft.
C. allograft. D. delayed graft.
19. Select the correct code(s) for destruction of seven actinic keratoses.
A. 17000, 17003x6 B. 17000, 17003 x 7 units
C. 17000 x 7 units D. 17004
20. Which of the following is the correct code for an excision of a benign lesion from the neck measuring 1.8 cm?
A. 11622 B. 11307
C. 11200 D. 11422
21. Which of the following types of graft is often taken from the upper thigh area?
A. Paratenon B. Bone
C. TissueD. Fascia lata
22. Which term describes a reduction of a bone?
A. Traction B. Manipulation
C. Stabilization D. Rotation
23. Which of the following would be the correct way of coding three biopsies of the skin performed at the same visit?
A. 11100 x 3 B. There isn't enough information to code.
C. 11100, 11101 x 2 D. 11100 x 2 and 11101 x 1
24. What is the difference between the code for a soft tissue abscess in the Musculoskeletal System subsection and the codes for abscess in the Integumentary System subsection?
A. The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection is associated with deep tissue, possibly bone.
B. The code in the Integumentary System subsection may include the bone.
C. The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection is used only when the abscess is in the bone.
D. The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection doesn't require debridement of the abscess.
25. Which of the following is the correct code for repairing the following lacerations: 4.2 simple repair of the trunk, 1.3 simple repair of the arm, and 2.8 intermediate repair of the scalp?
A. 12032, 12002-51 B. 12004
C. 12032, 12001-51, 12002-51 D. 12034
26. The __ chart is used for estimating the extent of burns on children.
A. Lund-Browder B. Burn Percentage
C. Burn D. Rule of Nines

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Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

You need to spend $3 to view this post. Add Funds to your account and buy credits.
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Hello Kathy, I just want to say thank you for all your help. I will not be asking for help anymore through due to the fact that every time I ask for help now the price just keeps going up and up. I do not feel comfortable paying $100.00 and more for help with my school work so I will be look other places.
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