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Dq1- Differentiate between Robbery, Burglary, and Theft. What

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Dq1- Differentiate between Robbery, Burglary, and Theft. What are their legal definitions and elements (do not say “mens rea” or “actus reus” since those are the categories of the elements, and do not say “concurrence”)? What elements do they have in common and what elements make them different?
Remember that the minimum word count for all DQ responses is 300 words.
Dq2- What are the definitions of both Assault and of Battery? How does the criminal act of assault differ from that of battery? At what point does a battery turn into a more serious crime? Should the punishment for assault be the same as the punishment for battery, and why/why not? What would you propose to change in the criminal justice system to help reduce the incidence of assault and battery?
Remember that the minimum word count for all DQ responses is 300 words.
11. How does your state’s law define kidnapping? What degrees of kidnapping are effective in your state? How do federal kidnapping laws differ from your state’s kidnapping laws? Include references.

12. How do false imprisonment and abduction laws vary from kidnapping in your state? Include references.

13. Provide an example of a recent case involving a computer or high-technology crime. What law was broken? When was this law enacted? What was the punishment? Include references.

Alex : Thanks for requesting me. Will get this taken care of for you.

ty of course :)



The last part the three questions do not require a word count but must be based on the new york city and must include all references.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I posted another one I only need two tonight. Can u help?
Yes, I responded. Respond to the other question, needed some more info.

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