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1. Jessica becomes furious when her favorite hockey player

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1. Jessica becomes furious when her favorite hockey player is intentionally hurt by an opponent. According to Freud's model of the mind, her "id" would unconsciously feel:

"Thou shalt not kill."
"I'm going to tear this program in half!"
"What, me angry? I never get angry!"
"I'm so angry I could kill that player!"

2. In Cynthia's culture, group harmony takes precedence over the wishes of the individual. It is most likely that Cynthia defines her "self":

in occupational terms.
in regard to her personality traits.
in terms of her life goals.
in the context of her relationships.

3. Brandie's parents place a high value on academic achievement, but her peers do not. In this situation:

Brandie will vacillate between the desire to study and the desire to be popular.
Brandie's response will be dictated by her genetic predispositions and intelligence.
Brandie's parents, and their values, are likely to be the strongest influence.
Brandie will be more strongly influenced by her peers.

4. After greeting her relatives at the airport, Joey's mother leaves him with his grandma and gets the luggage. Eight-month-old Joey becomes fearful of the stranger holding him and he begins to wail. This distress would be an example of:

insecure attachment.
separation anxiety.
avoidant attachment.
sensorimotor thinking.

5. At the age of four months, Zach was excitable and fearful. His dad taped a colorful picture beside the changing table to entertain Zach during diaper changes. Zach overreacted to the picture and became agitated and nervous. According to our textbook, during his school years, Zach is most likely to:

become an extroverted member of his peer group.
become fearful at the prospect of sleeping in an unfamiliar house.
become curious about new school events.
become angry and aggressive towards unfamiliar peers

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