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What about Carl --What about Dr. Kavorkian, who was an advocate

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What about Carl --What about Dr. Kavorkian, who was an advocate of allowing assisted suicide? He never went around looking for someone to convince to die by assisted suicide. They always came to him. Some states now have assisted suicide laws allowing this under specified conditions, and there was no flood of suicides as predicted.

What about Carl--Interesting response...thank you for engaging in the conversation. It's very easy to claim that the question is flawed, but that does not address the issue for those who see these types of controls by society as being based on individual moral codes, for which society has no business intervening. There is basically no human activity which does not produce some victims. So, if it's the claim that we have victims, then should we then not pass laws which make all activities that produce some victims illegal? example is what Portugal did. Portugal has a new law passed 7-1-2001 which decriminalized ALL drugs, even heroin and cocaine: A study by the Cato Institute (a U.S. conservative think tank) showed no increases in any areas that were expected such as increased drug usage and drug haven, and actually shows significant decreases in drug related deaths and sexually transmitted diseases.

What about James-- We've talked about gambling before and I feel that this shouldn't be illegal. Gambling is a personal choice that someone is making with their money. They are adults who are taking the money they earned to try and increase their earnings or lose them. The one reason I can see gambling being illegal is because it can be an addiction and can hurt other people in the family. But then again it is only illegal for people under 21. Why is that? Adults are the ones who are throwing money out. So why can't teenagers chose to take their money they earn at work and gamble with it? Prostitution kind of falls along the same line. If an adult female decides to have consensual sex with an adult male for money, where is the harm in that? This all comes back to moral laws and how they show us how we should live in our society. If others are getting hurt then I see why it should be illegal, but its not illegal for people over 21 to gamble; and these are the people being hurt.

Alex : Thanks for the request. What do we need here? Are there 3 questions ? Discussion?

3 questions no word count just support your answer.


Alex :

Ok, will have it for you tomorrow night. Let me know if that works.


ok I need it tonight. I sent you another one due tomorrow.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
r u able to answer this tonight?

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