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Language 1. Denise wants a new coat. Instead of asking her

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Denise wants a new coat. Instead of asking her mother directly (which would be improper in her family) she openly admires the coats of others. Denise is using a _____ style of communication
A) Instrumental
B) Indirect
C) Personal
D) Direct
Ramona believes in “telling it like it is” with her roommates, even though that means saying negative things sometimes. Ramona is probably using the _____ style of communication
A) Understated
B) Elaborate
C) Indirect
D) Direct
The features that characterize all languages are
A) rule-governed
B) subjective
C) symbolic
D) all of the above
E) none of the above
Which of the following examples makes the point that cultural beliefs are expressed in language (language reflects culture)?
A) The fact that the Inuits have many different words for snow
B) The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”
C) The Japanese proverb “the nail that stands up gets hammered down”
D) All of the above *
The most abstract term in the following examples is:
A) House cat
B) Animal
C) Living thing
D) My cat named “spunky”
Language can have a strong effect on our perceptions and how we regard one another based on:
A) power
B) credibility and status
C) naming
D) affiliation (liking) and attractiveness
E) all of the above
Terms like "angry" or "exciting" that announce the speaker's attitude point to which quality of troublesome language?
A) ambiguity
B) static nature
C) inferential
D) emotive
E) relativeness
The notion that the world view of a culture is shaped and reflected by the language its members speak is known as
A) prejudice
B) ethnocentrism
C) ethnocentrism
D) co-culture
E) linguistic relativism
Which of the following statements is the lowest-level abstraction (most concrete) of the word 'considerate'?
A) She helps me around the house.
B) She thinks of others.
C) She calls me on Fridays before she goes shopping to see if I need anything.
D) She follows the golden rule.
Communication researchers call the process of adapting one's speech style to match that of others with whom the communicator wants to identify as 'divergence.'
A) True
B) False
As a group, women are likely to use conversation to enhance relationships, whereas men are likely to use conversation to exchange information or accomplish a task
A) True
B) False
'Ambiguous language' refers to the face that words have
A) unique sounds.
B) unique spellings.
C) one commonly accepted definition.
D) more than one commonly accepted definition.
E) different levels of abstraction.
Nonverbal Communication
The “bubble” around us that marks the territory between ourselves and others is known as ___.
A) an emblem
B) an adaptor
C) personal space
D) a regulator
Casey is obsessed with punctuality. He gets up at 7:30 every morning, goes to basketball practice at exactly 8:20, takes a one hour lunch, and, comes to class at exactly 12:00 every Tuesday. He knows that being late to class can be interpreted negatively. Casey is probably from a ____ culture.
A) regional
B) monochronic
C) capitalist
D) polychronic
Which of the following is not a ‘voice’ (or paralanguage) behavior?
A) raising volume while speaking
B) lowering pitch while speaking
C) repeating the same phrase
D) speaking very quickly
Which of the following is NOT a primary function of nonverbal communication?
A) regulating interaction
B) concealing/deceiving
C) supplementing verbal communication
D) all of the above are functions of nonverbal communication
Raul came to the United States from Mexico three months ago and he is still having trouble understanding Americans’ tendency to rush all the time. He is also surprised when his teachers are irritated if he joins class a while after class has started. Raul’s confusion about American pace of life is based on which aspect of nonverbal behavior.
A) kinesics
B) proxemics
C) timetrics
D) environmental factors
E) chronemics
To solve confusion that surrounds e-mail messages, correspondents have developed _________ that simulate the nonverbal dimensions of a message.
A) Better writing skills
B) The ability to text message very rapidly
C) Emoticons or smileys
D) Pat words and phrases
Match the letter of the term that best identifies each of the examples given below
A. Juan was annoyed that someone else was sitting in 'his' seat in class.
B. The lovers were sitting only inches apart.
C. The executive folded her arms and stood ramrod straight while she made her report to the board.
D. Karen waited three days before answering Raul's e-mail message
E. Antonio and Clyde decorated their apartment with posters and lights

Physical Environment
To be labeled 'nonverbal communication,' a gesture must be intentional.
A) True
B) False
People whose jobs require them to act differently than they feel, such as actors, lawyers, diplomats, and sales people, are more successful at deception than the general public.
A) True
B) False
'Paralanguage' is a scientific term given to speech that includes slang peculiar to a specific group.
A) True
B) False
How we look, act, and sound can be more important in meeting our goals than the words we speak. Why might this be true?
A) The influence of nonverbal behavior comes in many forms.
B) Sometimes deliberately and sometimes without preconceived thoughts, we send nonverbal messages.
C) Eye contact, clothing, and posture all send messages to receivers.
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
John thinks Sue is beautiful after getting to know her even though he wasn't initially attracted to her. This is an example of how _________ theory works?
A) attraction and interaction
B) interaction appearance
C) interaction overtime
D) interaction affection
E) interaction development
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