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M Hasan
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1.A ball is orbiting counterclockwise at 100 revolutions per

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1.A ball is orbiting counterclockwise at 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) around a circle of radius 10 cm. The center of the circle is at the x-y origin (0, 0). At t = 0, the ball is at (10 cm, 0).

When does the ball first reach the y axis?

2.The two vectors A and B are defined as A=(3 m, 4 m) and B=(5 m, -3 m), where the first number is XXXXX x-component of the vector, and the second number is XXXXX y-component of the vector.

What is the magnitude of vector A?

What is A + B?

3.In the year 2003 the Acme Company has twice as many employees as managers. During the next 5 years, they hire twelve employees and fire two managers. Which of the following equations is correct for the current number of managers (NM2008) and the current number of employees (NE2008)?
Hi there!


It will take quarter of a revolution to reach the y-axis. Hence,

100 rev ----- 60 sec
1/4 rev ----- t sec

100t = 60(1/4)
t = 0.15 s

Therefore, it first reaches the y-axis in 0.15 seconds.


|A| = √(3² + 4²) = 5

A + B = (3 + 5, 4 - 3) = (8, 1)


Please provide the relevant options so that I can guide you further.

Thanks. :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

a. NM2008 + 2 = 2 (NE2008 - 12)
b. NM2008 - 2 = 2 (NE2008 + 12)
c. 2 (NM2008 + 2) = NE2008 - 12
d. 2 (NM2008 - 2) = NE2008 + 12
e. I can't eliminate any choices.

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