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A 0.1 mole sample of an ideal diatomic gas (Y=1.4) undergoes

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A 0.1 mole sample of an ideal diatomic gas (Y=1.4) undergoes the following cyclic process: it is
first compressed at a constant pressure of 1 atm from 2.46 liters to 1 liter, it then undergoes a
sudden pressure increase to 3 atm constant volume it then undergoes an isothermal expansion
followed by an adiabatic expansion back to its original state.
(a) Find the pressure and volume at Point D where the change from isothermal to adiabatic
expansion occurs.
(b) Find the change in internal energy for each part of this process and the change in internal
energy for the entire cycle.
(c) Find the Q for each part of the process and the Q for the entire process.
(d) Find the work done for each part of this process and the total work done during the cycle.
(e) Find the change in entropy for each part of the process and the entire cycle.
(f) Is this an engine or a refrigerator?
(g) If this is an engine compute the efficiency. If it is a refrigerator compute the coefficient of
performance instead.

The work I have does not match the previous answer as I checked this very same question. Please include the equations(Example - PV=nRt) you are using, and variables as it seemed the last one had random variables I did not understand. Please include the units, joules, kilojoules, ect. It is very important that I understand what is going on for this problem. Thank you very much. Deadline for this question is monday 11:00 A.M. 7/23/2012.
Kindly indicate time left in hours from now.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
14 hours
I will try to reply by the due time. Thanks.

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For DA, change in entropy is zero. I for got to mention it.
Do you need any clarification?