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. An HVDC system has _______ percent less loss than an AC

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. An HVDC system has _______ percent less loss than an AC transmission system, with considerably lower per-mile construction costs.

A. 50

B. 75

C. 85

D. 95

2. A home's branch-circuit panels that are fed by an outside distribution panel are referred to as

A. subpanels.

B. primary panels.

C. secondary panels.

D. main service panels.

3. Grounding the secondary system aids in the negative effects of lightning, and provides a _______ to ground.

A. voltage drop between phases and

B. fault current preventor

C. high circuit resistance

D. low impedance path

4. _______ replaced copper as the preferred metal for transmission and distribution conductors, partly because it's stronger and more conductive when equal weights of the two materials are compared.

A. Zinc

B. Carbon

C. Chromium

D. Aluminum

5. As of 1998, _______ generating plants supplied about 8% of the electrical capacity in the United States.

A. coal-fired

B. nuclear powered

C. hydropowered

D. petroleum

6. Bulk power fed by various generating stations into the transmission lines is regulated through _______ before entering the subtransmission distribution system.

A. step up transformers

B. distribution stations

C. substations

D. generators

7. A _______ is designed to hold voltage nearly constant across a gap, independent of the amount of current discharged.

A. lightning arrester

B. current-controlled breaker

C. ground fault circuit interrupter

D. power outage preventer

8. A _______ incorporates a grid that deposits a negative charge to unwanted particles that are the hazardous by-products of burning coal.

A. vacuum

B. precipitator

C. HEPA filter

D. scrubber

9. The distance between normally spaced poles found along city streets is decreased by an average of _______ feet before an end pole that can't be guyed.

A. 25

B. 75

C. 125

D. 150

10. A substation that's physically located within the area it serves is called a _______ substation.

A. transmission

B. distribution

C. local

D. subtransmission

11. Which one of the following occurs when neutrons strike a uranium nucleus, splitting it in two?

A. Nuclear reactance

B. Atom crushing

C. Thermal fission

D. Atom splitting

12. A distribution transformer marked 75 kVA probably serves

A. one residence.

B. one commercial building.

C. three residences.

D. three commercial buildings.

13. A modern residential refrigerator won't normally consume more than _______ kilowatt-hours over its 10-year life.

A. 3,500

B. 6,900

C. 15,000

D. 30,000

14. Standard single-phase service is usually

A. 208Y/120-volt 4-wire.

B. 120/240-volt 3-wire.

C. 240Δ/120-volt 4-wire.

D. 480/277-volt 4-wire.

15. The distribution system carries the electricity from the ________ to residential, commercial, and some smaller industrial customers.

A. transmission lines

B. distribution transformer

C. service drop

D. distribution substation

16. The season when the demand for electricity is at its highest in the United States is

A. spring.

B. summer.

C. fall.

D. winter.

17. To supply power at voltage levels that comply with the local transmission system, power produced by a generator is passed through a(n)





18. _______ isn't used for rural distribution lines due to its poor strength.





19. A new house's electrical service should be sized _______ of the electrical system.

A. to allow for some expansion

B. below the calculated load

C. to allow for a slight overloading

D. equal to the calculated load

20. The _______ is the dividing line between the utility company's and the homeowner's portions of the secondary distribution system.

A. distribution transformer

B. fuse cutout

C. distribution substation

D. point-of-attachment
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by monday would be great
Thanks. I will try to reply by due day. I can reply other questions also if category is changed to home work.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you
Most welcome
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sounds good
If you have some reference material for these questions, kindly upload the same here.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's all I have to upload

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