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1. Magnetic fields are measured in units of A.

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1. Magnetic fields are measured in units of

A. volts per meter (V/m).

B. ohms (Ω).

C. decibels (dB).

D. gauss (G).

2. A transformer found in a city neighborhood is coated with a heavy black substance to prevent

A. arc.

B. corrosion.

C. corona.

D. tampering.

3. Most of the solid dielectric cables fall within what class of insulation?

A. Thermoplastic or thermoset

B. Rubber

C. Asbestos or fiber

D. Oil-insulated

4. To regulate the level of primary voltage for the purpose of maintaining a constant secondary voltage level, you should install a

A. recloser.

B. sectionalizer.

C. load break.

D. capacitor.

5. The ring on a load-break elbow is provided for_______ the elbow connector from the bushing.

A. insulating

B. protecting

C. identifying

D. removing

6. Primary distribution cable shields are grounded to provide a _______ high-voltage leakage.

A. high-voltage circuit for switching

B. low impedance path to ground for

C. limitation of secondary current loss caused by

D. low profile capacitor charging curve to prevent

7. Which of the following underground transmission cabling systems requires pumps and pumping stations?





8. Suburbs are now designed with the _______ included in the initial plans submitted to the local utility company so that sufficient circuitry can be made to keep pace with the rate of growth.

A. growth potential

B. down payment

C. voltage level

D. customer number

9. When testing to determine if voltage is present on a load-break connector, a(n) _______ test lamp is placed against the plate of the connector.

A. neon

B. fluorescent

C. incandescent

D. high-voltage

10. A trench is dug to hold three cables that will be laid individually. The trench is dug deeper and wider to allow for _______ during the laying of the first and second cables.

A. soil falling into the trench

B. cable shrinkage

C. air circulation

D. ample working room

11. When comparing underground and overhead transmission lines, you would expect the underground lines to have a shorter

A. grounding shield.

B. center conductor.

C. ampacity level.

D. service life.

12. The _______contains each phase conductor in a separate, fluid-filled cable.





13. A _______ terminal pole ends the overhead primary service by transitioning it to the URD.

A. tangent

B. transition

C. switch-over

D. dead-end

14. A disadvantage of burying primary distribution cable directly in the ground is

A. it's more labor intensive than installing in conduit.

B. it's more expensive than installing in conduit.

C. the difficulty in replacing or repairing cable.

D. that it requires bigger cable than cable installed in conduit.

15. Slack is left in direct burial secondary cable near the bottom of the riser conduit connecting to the meter socket to prevent the cable ends from _______ the meter socket terminals.

A. pulling from

B. shorting at

C. extending from

D. sparking at

16. It's common for a vault or manhole to have _______ entering and leaving the enclosure from several directions.

A. electricians

B. cables


D. service vehicles

17. The expense of installing one mile of 115 kV transmission line underground is approximately _______ than the cost of conventional overhead construction.

A. ten to twenty times more

B. three to ten more

C. eight to twelve times less

D. thirty to forty times less

18. A _______ system is not as complex as the system used to supply urban and metropolitan areas.

A. grid

B. commercial

C. network


19. To protect the transformer cases from corrosion, the _______ must be replaced regularly.

A. load-break elbows

B. bushing assemblies

C. sacrificial anodes

D. ground grids

20. Large commercial and industrial customers typically are served by _______ transformers physically located on the premises.

A. pole-mounted

B. vaulted

C. pad-mounted

D. single-phase
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Most welcome.
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Kindly don't reply to this IR as system doesn't allow me to wok on other questions. Thanks.
If you have some reference material for these questions, kindly upload the same.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This is all I have to upload
I am not sure about some of the answers. Should I upload the sure answers?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes that would be great

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