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Hi there again im wondring if its possible if you might be

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Hi there again im wondring if its possible if you might be able to help me with make up exam 986643 reading skills make up test

Hello, and thanks for the question.


If you can post the questions and MCs for this exam, I'll see if I can assist you.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi there well this from pennfoster high school im not sure if u could get it like that but if i have to write out for you its gonna take me a while because its alot of paragraghs? Azul82

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do u want me to type out each question? let me know please thank you Azul82
Hello Azul82,

If you can copy and paste the questions or upload to a file-sharing site such as mediafire, I'll will see if I can assist. Since this is a make-up exam, the questions probably vary with each test. I won't know what the questions are given only that exam number.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

have u recieved the exam? ive been coping and pasting


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This question is based on the following sentences.Lamont was expeditious in his handling of the matter. He wasted no time in getting things done.1. Which of these words has a meaning that's most closely related to the word expeditious?A. ExcessiveB. InstrumentalC. EfficientD. Purposeful2. If a word is capitalized in the middle of a properly written sentence, chances are the word isA. the most important word in the sentence.B. a grammatical error.C. the start of a definition.D. a proper noun.3. Suppose you're scanning an article. Which one of the following items would stand out most for you?A. PassagesB. VerbsC. NumbersD. NounsThis question is based on the following excerpt from a story.It had been six years since Army captain Godfrey Kline had seen his hometown. He hardly recognizedsome of the people who gathered to greet him at the airport.4. Chances are, this story is aboutA. a soldier's return to his hometown.B. a group of relatives gathered at an airport.C. Godfrey Kline's army career.D. a soldier going to war.5. Jeb looked through the paper and came across an article called "A Look Back at the Civil War." Hewondered if the article had any information on Robert E. Lee. He ran his eyes quickly over the article,looking for the name Robert E. Lee. He did this in order to _______ the article.A. previewB. reviewC. scanD. understandThis question is based on the following passage.As a rule of thumb, it's best to look before you leap. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a poundof cure.6. In the context of this passage, the phrase a rule of thumb is best understood to mean aA. rule that usually works.B. smart way to use your thumb.C. rule for an emergency.D. rule to be avoided.This question is based on the following passage.As a new newspaper reXXXXX, XXXXX was nervous about doing her first interview with a state senator.She went to a veteran reporter, Clark Webb, for advice. Clark told her the first rule of an interview is tomake the person you're interviewing comfortable. Be polite and cheerful. The second rule is to ask openquestions. Open questions allow the person you're interviewing to give you more information. "How didyou decide to run for office?" is an example of an open question. Third, always try to do more listeningthan talking. Finally, be sure to thank the person you interview for his or her time.7. From this paragraph, you can guess that the word veteran means that Clark Webb isA. Amanda's boss.B. an experienced reporter.C. an ex-member of the armed forces.D. older than Amanda.8. You have an English book and you want to look up how to correctly use commas. In which one of thefollowing chapters would you expect to find this information?A. Punctuating ProperlyB. Reading Short StoriesC. Analyzing PoetryD. Correct Capitalization9. If the words brave and courageous were used in the same context, they would be examples ofA. antonyms.B. synonyms.C. verbs.D. nouns.10. "Regular aerobic exercise gives an individual more endurance" is a sentence that shows cause andeffect. Which word indicates the cause?A. RegularB. ExerciseC. IndividualD. EnduranceThis question is based on the following passage.I was in the National Forest with my camera. The day was crisp, and the leaves were turning gold and red.When I spotted the white-tailed buck, I froze. He wasn't more than 15 yards from where I was standing.The wind must have been right, because he kept on browsing the mossy ground. I lifted my camera veryslowly. Carefully, holding my breath, I lifted the camera to my eye. Turning the focus ring, I framed thedeer's head. Just as I was ready to press the shutter release, the buck raised his head. He was looking myway with wide eyes. Click. I took the picture. An instant later, the deer bounded away into the forest. Hetook off, but I had the shot. Today, the framed photo of that buck hangs above our fireplace.11. What, specifically, does the writer imply by saying "the wind must have been right"?A. Deer usually run away when spotted.B. Deer are afraid of humans.C. The deer didn't pick up the writer's scent.D. He was lucky to have his camera with him.This question is based on the following paragraph.Both petroleum and coal are made up of complex carbon-based molecules, and both originated with livingcreatures of some kind. Both are vital sources of energy for the modern world and both were formed bygeologic processes over millions of years. However, petroleum was mainly formed from the remains ofocean-dwelling microorganisms. Coal, on the other hand, originated from decayed vegetation in ancientswamps and bogs. In any case, it took millions of years for both coal and oil to be produced. This is thecase because it took that much time for overlying sediments to produce the unimaginable heat and pressurethat would one day allow us to harvest these energy resources.12. What is one clue word or phrase in the passage that indicates a contrast?A. BecauseB. BothC. HoweverD. In any caseThis question is based on the following paragraph. The sentences are numbered to help you answerthe question.(1) My family has a quaint cottage at a small, private lake. (2) The cottage is about 75 years old, but we tryto keep it in good condition. (3) The outside is white with green trim on the windows and shutters. (4) Infront of the cottage is a flagstone walk that leads down to a stone patio. (5) The patio itself is right next tothe water. (6) Out from the patio stretches a dock where we keep a small rowboat tied. (7) Every summer,my family sets aside a week when we all get together at the lake for a family vacation/reunion.13. What purpose do sentences 3–6 serve in this paragraph?A. They illustrate a strong comparison.B. They provide supporting details.C. They show cause and effect.D. They explain events in chronological order.This question is based on the following paragraph.(1) Earth's crust is made up of relatively rigid plates that ride atop Earth's hot, semiliquid mantle. (2) Theplates are called tectonic because they're in constant motion. (3) They can move because Earth's mantle isa very hot and semiliquid fluid called magma. (4) Volcanoes are a result of magma rising up or eruptingthrough a plate, particularly where plate boundaries are moving against each other. (5) Also, when platesslide against each other, causing friction along adjacent plate boundaries, earthquakes frequently occur. (6)Therefore, we often find volcanoes and earthquakes along plate boundaries. (7) Plates may also collide. (8)When that happens, mountain ranges are formed. (9) For example, the collision of the plate carrying theIndian subcontinent created the Himalayan Mountains when it collided with the Asian plate.14. What is the topic sentence for this passage?A. Sentence 1B. Sentence 2C. There is no single topic sentence.D. Sentence 4This question is based on the following passage.Both Seagulls and wild geese are large birds. They're also similar in that both kinds of birds can fly overgreat distances. On the other hand, seagulls are scavengers, while wild geese aren't. Seagulls, for example,are often found around garbage dumps. Geese, however, feed on things like seeds and insects. Anotherimportant difference between the two kinds of birds is that geese fly on long annual migrations of well over1,000 miles. Seagulls will migrate far inland to search for food. However, they don't follow seasonalpatterns of migration like wild geese.15. Clue words showing that contrasts are being made in this paragraph includeA. and and similar.B. while and however.C. both and difference.D. also and hand.16. Which one of the following words or phrases may be a clue that a sentence is inferring cause andeffect?A. ConsequentlyB. BeforeC. Instead ofD. On the other handThis question is based on the following sentence.Because the desert air was very dry, the bread became stale very rapidly.17. In this sentence, what clue word best tells you that a cause is producing an effect?A. VeryB. DesertC. BecauseD. BecameThis question is based on the following passage.Except for a few pigeons, Central Park was deserted. Mist hung above the chilled grass. Patches of oldsnow, scattered here and there, looked like white puddles. The sun hung just above the horizon, casting redand orange streaks across low-hanging clouds. The portly, gray-haired gentleman jogging down the pathlooked out of place. For one thing, he was dressed in ordinary street clothes, not a sweat suit. Also, everyfew seconds, he looked anxiously back over his shoulder. Coming closer to me, I saw that his face wasflushed. He was panting, almost gasping. Abruptly, looking this way and that, he moved behind a tree.Seeming not to notice my presence, he stood with his back against the trunk, panting heavily. After amoment, he poked his head out to survey the path. It was still empty, except for a squirrel that dashedacross the path like a furry dart. I checked my watch. It was now 7:30. Mentally marking the time, I aimedmy camera toward the man's face.18. From the paragraph, you can conclude that the portly man is afraid of something. Which one of thefollowing elements gives the strongest evidence for that conclusion?A. He's running in a nearly deserted park.B. He's panting.C. He isn't dressed in a jogging suit.D. He hides behind a tree.This question is based on the following poem:Seasons are celebrations.A year's a Ferris wheel.Both honor our world's habitof spinning 'round a star.19. Which one of the following sentences best expresses the main idea of this poem?A. The world has a habit of spinning around.B. There are four seasons in a year.C. Season are celebrations, while a year on Earth is a habit.D. Seasons and Ferris wheels are like Earth's journey around the sun.20. Below is the last stanza of a poem, "Dover Beach," written in 1876 by Matthew Arnold.Ah, love, let us be trueTo one another! for the world, which seemsTo lie before us like a land of dreams,So various, so beautiful, so new,Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;And we are here as on a darkling plainSwept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,Where ignorant armies clash by night.Which one of the following statements best characterizes Arnold's view of the world?A. The world is made for lovers.B. The world is a confusing and hostile place.C. The world is just a dream.D. The world is not a beautiful place.This question is based on the following passage.According to science, the fastest speed possible for anything is the speed of light. The speed of light isabout 186,000 miles per second. That means that in one minute, light travels 11,160,000 miles. The starnearest Earth is the Sun. It's about 93,000,000 miles from Earth. Therefore, it takes sunlight about eightminutes to travel to Earth. So, when you see the Sun, you aren't seeing it as it is. You're seeing it as it waseight minutes ago. Since the stars are much farther away than our Sun, imagine how far back in time you'reseeing them! It's obvious that humans will never travel to planets around even the nearest stars.21. Which statement taken from the paragraph is most likely to be opinion rather than fact?A. When you see the Sun, you aren't seeing it as it is.B. Humans will never travel to planets around even the nearest stars.C. The star nearest Earth is the Sun.D. The fastest speed possible for anything is the speed of lightThis question based on the "The Little Match Girl," which you read in thisstudy unit.22. Who is the protagonist in "The Little Match Girl"?A. The little match girl's cruel fatherB. The passerby who finds the little girl's bodyC. The little match girl's grandmotherD. The little match girlThis question based on the "The Little Match Girl," which you read in thisstudy unit.23. What is the setting of "The Little Match Girl"?A. A place in the matchseller's imaginationEnd of examB. The matchseller's attic homeC. The matchseller's grandmother's houseD. A wintry city streetThis question is based on the following poem.Some say life's a monopoly game,spread like a picnic to kill the grass,assuring no winners save some ants,until amid the fading rants,none there are to punch one's passinto the halls of fame.24. The metaphor for life in this poem isA. halls of fame.B. a monopoly game.C. some ants.D. a picnic.This question is based on the following four sentences.1. Netta and Jim argued over their views of free trade.2. Netta and Jim had different views on free trade.3. Netta and Jim were sharply split over the issue of free trade.4. Netta and Jim refused to discuss the issue of free trade.25. Which of the four sentences is not neutral?A. 1B. 4C. 3D. 2 i hope u get them this time thank you Azul82 ,

have u recieved the exam? ive been coping and pasting


Yes, I just got the questions I'll post the answers within an hour or so. No need to reply to this post.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you soo very much I graduate in two wks. yay! Thank God he put people like you out there that are willing to help others in hard times..Once again Thank You soo much! Azul82