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In an effort to avoid the potential mayhem of the Germanic

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In an effort to avoid the potential mayhem of the Germanic system of personal revenge for the punishment of crimes, an alternative system arose that made use of a fine called: (Points: 5)

2. Monasticism in medieval Europe: (Points: 5)
was entirely a male area of activity.
involved an egalitarian governance structure.
included women, many of whom belonged to royal families
was based upon the model established by St. Basil.

3. All of the following are correct regarding the development of fief holding EXCEPT it: (Points: 5)
was a response by local leaders who gathered military retainers to protect themselves, as the remnants of the imperial government could not adequately defend the state.
led to the creation of a large number of knights who literally owed their livings to the lord who granted them a fief.
led to a five hundred year period when warfare was dominated by heavily armed cavalry.
was a result of the Church’s attempt to give serfs and peasants more social mobility.

4. By the end of the thirteenth century, the institutionalization of the English Parliament: (Points: 5)
provided the foundation for the absolute rule of the monarch.
enabled the barons and church lords to establish themselves in the House of Commons.
was a system of power sharing between the monarch and groups within the society.
enabled the knights and burgesses to establish themselves in the House of Lords.

5. France’s first parliament, begun under Philip IV, was the: (Points: 5)
Chambre des Comptes.
Diet of Paris.

6. Alexander Nevsky, prince of Novgorad, defeated the: (Points: 5)

7. The Dominican friars: (Points: 5)
were established in the ninth century.
were first led by the highly intellectual Dominic de Guzmán.
lived among the people and helped the poor.
became key factors in combating heresy under the leadership of the Holy Roman Emperor.

8. Which of the following was NOT true about medieval towns and cities? (Points: 5)
Many towns were receiving charters of liberties by the 1100s and 1200s.
Their location near transportation routes was essential.
They were food producing, self sufficient units, in which commerce was secondary.
Many were revived Roman cities whose size and populations grew as trade increased.

9. All of the following are true about scholasticism EXCEPT: (Points: 5)
it is a term used to depict the philosophical and theological system of medieval universities.
it attempted to prove the unity of faith and reason.
it was preoccupied with establishing the concurrence between Christian and Aristotelian thought.
the author of the Summa Theologica was Abelard dun Scotus.

10. The pope who gave his blessing and authorized the First Crusade was: (Points: 5)
Urban II.
Gregory VII.
Gregory the Great.
Innocent III.

11. Justinian’s most lasting accomplishment was: (Points: 5)
his victory over the Ostrogoths.
his defeat of the Muslim armies outside of Constantinople.
the Corpus Iuris Civilis.
his victory over the Nika rioters.

12. Iconoclasm: (Points: 5)
created a division in the Roman Church but not the Orthodox Church.
required the worship of icons by Orthodox Christians.
outlawed the use of icons in the Byzantine Empire.
was imposed upon the East by Charlemagne.

13. The major threat to the Byzantine Empire in the eleventh century came from the: (Points: 5)
Seljuk Turks.
Ottoman Turks.

14. The Mongols: (Points: 5)
facilitated the spread of the plague with the creation of its Silk Road empire.
stopped the spread of the plague to China, but allowed it to decimate the West.
stopped the spread of the plague to the West, but allowed it to decimate China.
were immune from the Yersinia pestis.

15. As a result of the Black Death: (Points: 5)
there was a decrease in Anti-Semitism.
there was an increase in Anti-Semitism.
flagellation disappeared.
the population rose in Italian cities but fell in English and French cities and towns.

16. All of the following regarding the Hundred Years’ War are correct EXCEPT: (Points: 5)
traditional nobles fighting on horseback were the keys to victory.
new weapons were used in the war, including the long bow and gunpowder.
the English were victorious at the battles of Crecy and Agincourt.
Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake.

17. The Renaissance began in: (Points: 5)

18. The ideal of early fifteenth century Humanists was to: (Points: 5)
reject religion and the Church.
serve the state.
abandon history and the past.
work only for the most powerful states.

19. The architect Filippo Brunelleschi was inspired by: (Points: 5)
Greek models.
Roman models.
Byzantine models.
Chinese models.

20. Which area failed to establish a centralized territorial state by the end of the fifteenth century? (Points: 5)

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