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Question 1 of 34 As you listen to Dr. Hegels lecture on

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Question 1 of 34
As you listen to Dr. Hegel's lecture on barriers to effective listening, you begin to see how those barriers have operated in your conversations with your spouse. Which stage of the listening process is reflected in this realization?

A. attending

B. remembering

C. understanding

D. responding
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Question 2 of 34
The Stanfield family is having a family meeting to discuss vacation options. Both sons, the daughter, and the wife all begin talking at once. Mr. Stanfield says, “Wait a minute. One person at a time.”

A. emotional noise

B. criticizing the speaker

C. information overload

D. external noise
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Question 3 of 34 zero
At the beginning of the semester, you try to add a computer class that is closed. When you speak to the professor to request that she allow you to add the class, she says, “Sure, I’ll let you into the class, but if you had done what you were supposed to do and registered early for the class, you wouldn’t have had this problem.” You recognize the professor has given you a(n):

A. inference

B. fact

C. confirming response

D. disconfirming response
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Question 4 of 34 zero
A father is listening to his daughter pour her heart out about her rotten day at school. He should use what listening style?

A. people-oriented style

B. action-oriented style

C. content-oriented style

D. time-oriented style
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Question 5 of 34 zero
Walt has just been fired from his job and turns to you to talk about it. According to communication researchers what would be an inappropriate response to show social support?

A. “How are you doing?”

B. “Yes, then what happened?”

C. “Don't worry about it. You can always find a new job.”

D. “I would really like to help you.”
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Question 6 of 34 zero
Roberto comes running into the house visibly agitated. Between Roberto's sobs, his dad picks out the words “bike,” “sledgehammer,” “Miguel,” and “hate.” The father recognizes that Roberto is angry and probably frightened. The father remembers how he came running home to Momma, angry and scared, a few times. Which skill for responding with empathy is Roberto's father using?

A. understand your partner's feelings

B. paraphrase emotions

C. reflect content by paraphrasing

D. listening
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Question 7 of 34
David sees Joe and says, “Hey Joe, I just don't know what to do. I've got a term paper in Johnson's class, a group project in marketing, my boss wants me to work overtime this week, and now Mary is after me to go visit her parents over the weekend.” Which of the following would be an appropriate question to ask in response to David's statement?

A. “So, you think you're the only one with problems?”

B. “Can't you tell Mary that she needs to lighten up on her demands?”

C. “Well, what are you gonna do?”

D. “How are all these demands making you feel?”
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Question 8 of 34 zero
Pierce can hardly wait for Rene to finish her sentence about summer vacation because he wants to ask Rene out. Pierce doesn't really hear a word Rene says and interrupts Rene suddenly to change the subject to the dance on Saturday. The barrier to effective listening Pierce is displaying is

A. emotional noise.

B. external noise.

C. information overload.

D. being self-absorbed.
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Question 9 of 34 zero
As soon as Susan speaks up in class, Aaron tunes out. Even though he doesn't know Susan, Aaron suspects she is a member of the “in group” because of the clothes she wears and the people he sees her with. His listening barrier is

A. emotional noise.

B. criticizing the speaker.

C. being self-absorbed.

D. external noise.
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Question 10 of 34 zero
When your ears prick up as the sports scores you've been waiting to hear are announced on your local newscast, you are engaged in what stage of the listening process?

A. selecting

B. attending

C. understanding

D. interpreting
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Question 11 of 34
Glenda ordered her steak cooked medium-well at her favorite restaurant. When the server returned with her steak, Glenda cut into it, saw that it was red in the center, and said to the server, “OK, what part of 'medium-well' didn't you understand?! I want you to take this back and cook it so it's edible. This is ridiculous!” Glenda’s behavior was

A. assertive.

B. other-oriented.

C. results-oriented.

D. aggressive.
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Hello again, and thanks for requesting me to answer your questions.

By when do you need this completed?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi again,

I will have this for you asap! : )


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