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1. Which of the following statements is an accurate description of

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1. Which of the following statements is an accurate description
of Pop Art?
A. Art that combines the potent psychological content of
Expressionism with an abandonment of any clear
reference to the visual world.
B. Art created by artists who believe that no kind of subject
matter is more important than any other and who
attempt to all but eliminate personal involvement.
C. Painting and sculpture that is self-sufficient and has no
subject mater, content, or meaning beyond its presence
as an object in space.
D. Art created by artists who are interested in rediscovering
the past, not rejecting it, and who aim to speak in clearer
images and see history as a vast menu from which
to select.
2. It would be virtually impossible to mount a traveling
exhibition of the works of which of the following artists?
A. Christo and Jeanne-Claude C. Mark Rothko
B. Claes Oldenburg D. Piet Mondrian
3. Which of these art forms is not associated with the work of Georgia O’Keeffe?
A. Abstract painting C. Nature photograph
B. City nightscape D. Still life
4. Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park series is
A. handcrafted sculpture that resembles a cornucopia.
B. a study of radiant Southern California light.
C. an integration of new technologies.
D. a preservation of the view of a castle for apartment dwellers.
5. Which of these artists is known for his or her imaginative paintings of American
metropolitan scenes?
A. Eva Hesse C. Carl Andre
B. Richard Estes D. Audrey Flack
6. There are African-American ritual objects in the works of which of the following artists?
A. Nam Jun Paik C. Louise Bourgeois
B. Betye Saar D. Lucas Sumaras
7. Which of the following architectural components is found in Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye
in Poissy, France?
A. Palladian windows C. Oculus
B. Concrete columns D. Clerestory windows
8. Which of the following artists created paintings in which no one part or section
dominated the others or could be called the subject, in which everything was
intended to be equal in impact?
A. Willem de Kooning C. Hans Hofmann
B. Jackson Pollock D. Helen Frankenthaler
9. The sculpture created by which of the following Minimalist artists is best described as
controlled and logical?
A. Donald Judd C. Alberto Giacometti
B. Pablo Picasso D. Claes Oldenburg
10. Like freestanding sculpture, such as Gianlorenzo Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne,
twentieth-century kinetic sculpture, such as Alexander Calder’s La Grande Vitesse
in the Vandenberg Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan,
A. can be appreciated aesthetically from multiple perspectives.
B. is usually made of marble or alabaster.
C. is intended to be touched by the spectator, who remains stationary.
D. is made entirely by hand, except for the pediment.
11. With Tim Hawkinson’s Überorgan, a football field size work of art, one can say that it’s
A. a huge sculpture that achieves the artist’s vision.
B. artwork that can’t be categorized.
C. installation art controlled by a computer.
D. “sound” art.
12. Giuseppe Penone’s Cedre de Versailles reveals
A. the original slender tree from which a great cedar had grown.
B. a landscape from the distant past.
C. African-American ritual objects.
D. shredded body parts.
13. The organization SITE, Sculpture in the Environment, was formed in 1970 for the
purpose of
A. reviving the iconography of the nineteenth century.
B. finding sources of content in the present.
C. creating an art-for-art architectural movement.
D. promoting the acceptance of kinetic sculpture.
14. Nonrepresentational, energetic Abstract Expressionist pictures first came into the
artworld scene with the works of
A. Picasso. C. de Kooning.
B. Pollock D. Rothko.
15. Which of these artists is known for painting geometric compositions which incorporate
primary colors?
A. De Stijl C. Gerrit Rietveldt
B. Piet Mondrian D. Georgia O’Keeffe
16. Which of the following artists painted using a technique similar to that used by
Jackson Pollock?
A. Piet Mondrian C. Helen Frankenthaler
B. Girogio di Chirico D. Georgia O’Keeffe
17. By the mid-1950s, which artistic movement was the most powerful force in
Western art?
A. Neorealism C. The new Surrealism
B. Minimalism D. Abstract Expressionism
18. The vigorous brushstrokes and emotion-laden imagery in the paintings of Anselm
Kiefer are reminiscent of the paintings of
A. Realism. C. Neoclassicism.
B. Superrealism. D. Expressionism.
19. Which of the following media is not typically associated with electronic art?
A. Video image C. Electronic sign
B. Computer image D. Laser collages
20. Which of these Postmodern artists is known for creating photographic self-portraits?
A. Cindy Sherman C. Kenny Scharf
B. Richard Diebenkorn D. Martin Puryear

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