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Ray Atkinson
Ray Atkinson, Graduate Student
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 1890
Experience:  Inner-city high school substitute teacher. Degrees in mathemetics, accounting, and education. Years and years of tutoring.
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Do you think the TAX code need to be fixed (federal tax system needs to be changed). JUST ONE PARAGRAPH THANKS. WHAT DO YOU THINK

Ray Atkinson :

Yes, I do think that the tax codes need to be fixed. Right now, we have tax revenues of 19% of the GDP and expenses of 26%. This is unsustainable. As the system stands now, the poor pay no federal tax because they get it all back in April, and the rich pay a lower percentage than the middle class, and it is possible for someone who runs a corporation to live off the profits and have no taxable income at all (see Diane Hendricks). This combination is not encouraging for the future of the country when the middle class is shrinking.

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