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Frances Was Diagnosed With Mental Illness

Customer Question

1. (TCO 12) Frances was diagnosed with a mental illness because she lost her job when she tested positive for marijuana use at a company that requires frequent random drug testing. This is an example of the _____ approach to defining abnormal behavior. (Points : 5)
infrequent occurrence
disability or dysfunction
violation of social norms

2. (TCO 12) According to the behavioral perspective, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a result of __________. (Points : 5)
unconscious tensions
blocked personal growth
faulty reasoning
conditioning or modeling

3. (TCO 12) The study of monkeys who developed a fear of a toy snake and toy crocodile, but not a toy rabbit or flower after watching a videotape of another monkey modeling a fear response to all four objects suggests that phobias are _____. (Points : 5)
universal across species
both learned and biologically based
only biologically based

4. (TCO 12) Which of the following is FALSE regarding bipolar disorder? (Points : 5)
It is associated with a 10-20% suicide rate.
It involves both depression and mania.
It is associated with impulsive behavior.
Manic episodes usually last three times as long as depressive episodes.

5. (TCO 12) Janese cuts her arms when overwhelmed by emotion, abruptly changes from laughter to anger, and needs constant reassurance from others to feel any sense of self worth. She is MOST likely to be diagnosed with _____ disorder. (Points : 5)
dissociative identity disorder
borderline personality disorder
multiple personality disorder
major depressive disorder

6. (TCO 12) Having a patient recline on the couch with only the ceiling to look at, is believed to encourage ________________. (Points : 5)
free association

7. (TCO 12) Cognitive therapy alters _____, the things people say to themselves when they interpret events. (Points : 5)
delusional beliefs
incongruent thoughts

8. (TCO 12) In Rogerian therapy, the role of the therapist is to _____. (Points : 5)
provide a quiet, private, structured atmosphere for the exploration of symptoms
agree with the client to allow improved congruence between the client's self-concept and environmental experiences
provide an accepting environment and encouraging healthy emotional experiences
unconditionally love his or her patients

9. (TCO 12) According to your textbook, family therapy has been useful for patients suffering from _________. (Points : 5)
panic disorder

10. (TCO 12) One of the most successful applications of operant conditioning has been with ___________. (Points : 5)
developing language skills in autistic children
helping women overcome domestic violence
helping men overcome anger management issues
developing language skills in children with ADHD

11. (TCO ) State the essential characteristic for all personality disorders, and describe the characteristics of antisocial and borderline personality disorders. (Points : 10)

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