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Dr. Steve
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For Dr. Steve Could you please help me with this assignment?

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For Dr. Steve
Could you please help me with this assignment? Due Mon...:
This assignment involves thinking about your topic of interest in a public policy context, specifically by writing a 5 page letter to a leading politician discussing policy implications.

First, briefly introduce your content area, explaining the nature of the issue and why a policy-maker should care or be concerned. Integrating course material (e.g., theories, existing research) and evidence from the articles you read for the previous two assignments will make your arguments and points particularly compelling.

Offer five specific recommendations based on your research and knowledge of course material. Recommendations can target parents, educators, legislators, the media industry, or children themselves. Again, it is important that you use course material to support your points. Paper should be 4-5 pages APA format.
Good MorningCustomer

Thank you for your request. Is the "course material" mentioned in the assignment based on the previous assignments?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, based on previous assignments...
Thank you for your message. I will be sure to have the assignment posted on schedule.

Yours truly,
Good MorningCustomer

I am in the process of reviewing the final draft of your report and will have it posted soon.

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