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I need the below Public Speaking questions answered. If the

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I need the below Public Speaking questions answered. If the answers are good, I have more questions that I will pay to be answered.


Question 1

Breath control, pitch control, and articulatory control are all ways to


control your rate of speech.

improve your speaking voice.

adapt nonverbal behaviors.

work on pronunciation.


Question 2

Proxemics, movement, facial expressions, and gestures are all types of


cultural behavior.

nonverbal behavior.

verbal behavior.

public speaking behavior.


Question 3

In some speaking situations, it is appropriate to sit on the edge of the table and address the group.


True False


Question 4

The Greek idea of kairos refers to


appropriateness of topic.

appropriateness for time and place.

appropriateness of appearance.

appropriateness for audience.


Question 5

Volume, rate, enunciation, and pronunciation are elements of







Question 6

Saying the entire alphabet in one breath is a good way to improve


nonverbal control.

articulatory control.

breath control.

pitch control.


Question 7


A word that suggests the transfer of information, understanding, and/or advice on how-to-act from person to others is












Question 8


Although some define nonverbal communication as all nonlinguistic aspects of interpersonal communication, this course refers to nonverbal communication more specifically as



physical behavior in communication settings.


communication which occurs in public speaking.


behavior related to both verbal and nonverbal communication.


verbal behavior in the classroom.



Question 9


When speeches gather together a host of commonly shared notions, they are exhibiting the oral trait of












Question 10


Kallia uses tongue twisters to warm-up before giving speeches. This shows that she knows how to:



practice nonverbal behaviors


improve her breath control


improve her pronunciation


work out her pitch control



Question 11


A speech that arranges and interprets information gathered in response to a request made by a group is a(n)



speech of instruction.


oral briefing.




speech of definition.



Question 12


The advertising slogan for the state lottery is, "What would you do with a million dollars?" Which motive appeal is most likely being used?



personal enjoyment









Question 13


It is vitally important that speeches of definition include motivational appeals in the introduction, explicit statements that indicate how the information can affect the audience.








Question 14


Denise's decision to quit college and move to Paris to become an artist is probably a reflection of which type of motives?












Question 15


Motives which are related to the intrinsic or extrinsic desire for success are labeled as



achievement motives.


power motives.


biological motives.


affiliation motives.



Question 16


Motives involving activities in which influence over others is the prime objective are labeled as



power motives.


biological motives.


achievement motives.


affiliation motives.



Question 17


As a physics major you have been asked to explain the difference between a meteor and an asteroid, focusing on the significance of one or the other hitting the earth. Your talk will probably take the form of a speech of definition.








Question 18


If I were to describe a local politician as arrogant, exploitative, and abusive, I would be using the concept of attribution to influence attitudes.








Question 19


Jacob will be attending a the National Communication Association convention this year to present a paper on the role of the media in modern society. This would most likely be called a(n)



definitional speech.


speech of explanation.


instructional speech.


oral briefing.



Question 20


In the early fall, TV weather persons will often spend some time during one of their segments to explain the conditions under which a tornado will form and the differences in the strength of tornados. This information would most likely be presented as



a speech of definition.


a speech of explanation.


instructions and demonstration.


an oral report.



Question 21


All pictures can:



create impression that will intensify the words being spoken or focus on the wrong message.


be faked.


be altered to say things that are not true.


all of the above.



Question 22


Three things to consider in color selection for making slides and other visuals are:



background, mood, and contrast


colors, words, and mood


mood, contrast, and color


background, foreground, and text



Question 23


Which type of visual aid would be most helpful if you wanted to explain each stage of development for a particular product?



a flipchart


a pictograph


a flowchart


a table



Question 24


In making the choice to use only black, green, and purple on his PowerPoint slides, Tom considered which tip?



be contrasting


be smart


be consistent


be judicious



Question 25



When is the best time to distribute photographs to be passed through the audience?


when you address this material in your speech


after your speech is finished


before you begin your speech


Photographs should not be circulated through the audience.



Question 26


You want to show your audience how many aluminum cans your workplace recycles in comparison to other corporations. What is the best choice of visual aid for this purpose?









chalkboard drawings



Question 27


To best show how his weight has been affected by a certain diet over the past year, Todd should use a line graph.








Question 28


Dominic wants to show how birth rates have declined in the United States over the past century. What type of graph should he use?



pie graph


bar graph




line graph



Question 29


Which of the following is an example of an abstract representation?



a model of a snake's habitat


a photo of a snake bite


a snake noose


a snake



Question 30


The use of a flip chart is best to use when you want to show changes of a phenomenon over time








Question 31


Makers are focused on expression through their own creations rather than on purchasing.








Question 32


Forewarning your audience against potential counter arguments to your position is also known as:












Question 33


People who are bound by strong moral codes which define their commitment to family, religion, and community are classified in the VALS program as












Question 34


Persuasive speeches that aim to change beliefs should seldom stress appeals to uniqueness.








Question 35


The term "lifestyle" refers to



the choices we make that are not dictated directly by society.


the defining characteristics of a segment of the population.


systemized ways of believing and acting in the world.


an individual's background, including his/her ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.



Question 36


With which group would a actuation speech of reinforcement be the best approach?



those who doubt the value of the action and who are uninformed and uninvolved


those who actively rally against an idea or action and who doubt your credibility


those who believe in an idea or action but who are lethargic about doing anything


those believe in an idea or action but are unsure of how to do something about it



Question 37


A speech that attempts to increase the audience's adherence to values they already hold is a speech of












Question 38


Speakers must often attempt to appeal to different segments of an audience.








Question 39


Two strategies of protecting your audience against attempts at counterpersuasion are:



innoculation and increasing knowledge


increasing knowledge and resistance


ignorance and innoculation


forewarning and innoculation



Question 40


In the VALS program, people who have strong commitment across all three "primary motivations," and who are blessed with both resources and a willingness to try new ideas and experiences are referred to as:









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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes I still need the answers

Thank you for your reply. Sometimes, finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Please keep searching
Hello, and thanks for using JustAnswer! I am afraid when you pasted the questions onto this page, the formatting went wrong and it's very difficult to read all the questions. Would you be able to upload the file via mediafire, or repost them again here and see if the formatting improves?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

"FOR ANGELA" See attached


Attachment: 2012-06-08_135341_speech-3.docx



It appears that Angela has opted out of answering your question. Would you like me to answer?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
great – I will work on your questions this morning

I am currently working on your questions and I realize that I misjudged the time involved. I cannot answer your questions on either page for the agreed price. I will give you the answers that I have completed thus far. I am willing to complete the questions for a bonus of $30 for this page and a bonus of $30 for your other page of questions. If that is not acceptable, I will open your question to the other experts.

1 improve your speaking voice.
2 nonverbal behavior.
3 true
4 appropriateness for time and place.
5 dialect
6 breath control.
7 delivery
8 communication which occurs in public speaking. (? I did not take the course?)
9 agonistic/invitational.
10 improve her pronunciation
11 oral briefing.
12 personal enjoyment
13 true
14 Achievement Motive

Please let me know how you would like to continue - you have not been charged thus far
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I will give you a $30 bonus for each if you answer all of the questions please
thank you I will continue working

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Ellen, Lawyer
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 36714
Experience: Lawyer, Accountant and Researcher
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Answers were a little off