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Should we try to reduce our dependence on crude oil and stay

Resolved Question:

Should we try to reduce our dependence on crude oil and stay away from the Gulf Region?


Should we continue to play an international role to ensure our energy security, with military action and war if necessary?

Please write a paragraph explaining your position
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Owen replied 5 years ago.

Owen :

Essentially we should strive to decrease our dependence on crude oil - this will help free our country and make our country Independent from the world that 'chokes' us. Almost everything we do is dependent on oil from fuels to making plastics. If we free ourselves from the fuel part of the equation that leaves plenty of fuel for other products that require oil such as the plastics in the economy.

Owen :

Also, military action is not the answer as this takes a toll on the U.S. and also the world economy as presented by the current world economic situation in the past 15 years.

Owen :

Most of the country has suffered, while very FEW people have actually made strives economically to secure a future for themselves and there families.

Owen :

War will not not, it rarely ever does and Actually the First George Bush had the right answer - he had the 100 day war, he had goals to Free Kuwait, and then he pulled out. The economy boomed - well then end of the Clinton era and then the economy was collapsing, the USS COLE was bombed and the was the US wake up call AGAIN to our dependence on oil

Owen :

I Hope this helps

Owen :

Please click on ACCEPT, thank you

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