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Regarding the eastern Slavs, which of the following is false?

Customer Question

1. Regarding the eastern Slavs, which of the following statements is false?
A. Under Polish, Austrian, and Lithuanian influences, the people of Belarus and Ukraine adopted national identities that
distinguished them from Russians.
B. Ukraine has expressed interest in reuniting with the Russian Federation.
C. The word Ukraine means "borderland."
D. The word Belarussian means "white Russians."
2. As of the year 2009, how many people around the globe lived outside their country of birth?
A. 200 million
B. 100 million
C. 50 million
D. 700 million
3. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, 15 of its former republics became independent. Twelve of
these former republics formed the Commonwealth of Independent States, largely in recognition of
A. the threat posed by NATO.
B. the economic threat posed by the European Union.
C. the need to sustain the trade flows established during Soviet times.
D. common cultural ties.
4. The position of a place north or south of the equator is measured in
A. meridians of latitude.
B. degrees of latitude.
C. terms proportional distance.
D. terms of relative location.
5. Atmosphere-ocean environments related to climate are produced by interactions of which of the
A. The lithosphere and hydrosphere
B. Tectonic plate interactions with the lithosphere and hydrosphere
C. The atmosphere, meteorology, and volcanic sub zero temperatures.
D. The atmosphere and hydrosphere
6. In general, the most materially advanced and developed countries are focused on extensive development
of the _______ sector of their economy.
A. secondary
B. tertiary
C. quaternary
D. primary
7. Serbian nationalists adopted which of the following terms to rationalize their actions during the war in
A. Ethnic diversity
B. Depopulation
C. Holocaust
D. Ethnic cleansing
8. Which of the following is the dominant country of the Central Asian subregion?
A. Kyrgyzstan
B. Uzbekistan
C. Turkmenistan
D. Tajikistan
9. Nationalism is to pride in one's national identity as a _______ is to a group of people who share a
common identity, a sense of unity, and a desire for self-government.
A. state
B. nation
C. country
D. region
10. In Russia, which of the following occurred after the global financial crisis in 1998?
A. The Russian ruble declined in value against the dollar by about 12 percent.
B. Large areas of farmland were bought back from foreign investors.
C. Russia became a major exporter of grain after 2001.
D. Russian farmers abandoned their farms in large numbers.
11. The Soviet policy of democratic centralism maintained that
A. the Communist Party represented the working people and, therefore, was the only party with the right to govern.
B. the state, not free-market consumers, should decide what needed to be produced.
C. the state owned all businesses for the good of the people.
D. capitalists used their riches to manipulate governments to serve their interests.
12. Upon the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453, _______ was seen as the true inheritor
of the Christian realm.
A. Peter the Great
B. Mikhail Romanov
C. Ivan III (The Great)
D. Catherine the Great
13. The steppes of southern Russia, the African veldt, and the pampas of Argentina are good examples of
_______ biomes.
A. tundra
B. grassland
C. desert
D. forest
14. Which of the follow is a Slavic language?
A. Romanian
B. Polish
C. Gaelic
D. Flemish
15. The concept of the _______ of distance is illustrated by the fact that as cost increases with distance,
interactions between people decrease.
A. flexibility
B. friction
C. relativity
D. erosion
16. In 2005, which two European groups rejected an EU treaty that would have provided for an EU
A. The Germans and the Dutch
B. The French and the Dutch
C. The Danes and the Irish
D. The French and the Irish
17. Which of the following is the only global city in the region of Russia and its neighboring countries?
A. St. Petersburg
B. Moscow
C. Kiev
D. Tashkent
18. Which of the following was true of life i
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I will post 18,19,and 20. Thanks so much for your help!!! I also have been waiting for 4more exam numbers as well for the last month. i am going to post them now since i finally have some help. Thanks again
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Here are questions 18,19,and 20. Thanks a bunch:-) 18. Which of the following was true of life in the USSR?
A. Women achieved equality at home, and husbands were expected to share domestic duties.
B. Most physicians were women.
C. Although women were allowed to fly fighter planes during World War II, they were banned from ground combat.
D. Women were a small minority among industrial and construction workers.
19. With respect to industrial practices, the most polluted region of Russia is located around
End of exam
A. Lake Baikal.
B. Norlisk.
C. Volgorad.
D. Moscow.
20. Europeans' desire for less control from a central government and greater local political autonomy is an
example of
A. devolution.
B. separatism.
C. decolonization.
D. supranationalism
Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

18. B. Most physicians were women.

19. B. Norlisk.

20. B. separatism.

Above are your answers.