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7. Who composed the Surprise symphony? 8. “To sleep, per

Customer Question

7. Who composed the Surprise symphony?
8. “To sleep, per chance to dream,” is from a soliloquy spoken by?
9. Which musical art can be described as “the purest integration of all the arts”?
10. A body of sacred Christian monophonic music also called chant, plainsong and sometimes called Gregor***** *****t is also called
11. A prose narrative of considerable length that has a plot that unfolds from the actions, speech and thoughts of the characters is a
12. The triumph of love and common sense over the fire and brimstone of American Puritanism is the theme of Martha Graham's dance piece called ________.
13. Harmonies that sound tense and unstable in their arrangement are called _______.
14. In painting, when an artist uses thick oil paint from a tube, modeled with a palette knife, what is the term for this technique?
15. Who was the playwright most admired and awarded in Classical Greece. Hint: He was often called the "Attic Bee" for his ability to extract pure honey from words.
16. A technique of light and shade painters use to create 3-D effects in their pictures is called
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.
WebLaw :

I am happy to help you with your assignment. Please provide the multiple-choice answers and the deadline for responding

JACUSTOMER-hbpjatcs- :
JACUSTOMER-hbpjatcs- :

There were no multiple choice answers. I was able to fine the answers however thank you for your reply

WebLaw :

No problem