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I need to create random arrangements of several words, separated

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I need to create random arrangements of several words, separated by commas. I would like to be able to pop 4 words into cells (i.e. Ball,Bounce,Happy,Sad) and have them come out with every possible order in which the words can be put. The entire list of combinations should be surrounded by a left and right bracket thingy " { and } " and each combination of the words should be separated by one of these vertical bars "|"

{ball,bounce,happy,sad|ball,happy,sad,bounce|bounce,happy,sad,ball}.............. etc

Again, I need every possible combination to come up in this format, in one cell, ready to be copied and pasted... how would I do this?



I can set this up for you in excel and then post the file for you, so you can see the formula and how it works?


is this what you are looking for?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, if I could just download the sheet, that would be perfect

the order of the words will not be random, they will always show up in the same orders, but each possible combination will be shown, no matter what words you enter and the 1st, 3nd 3rd and 4th


please confirm that this is okay


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't understand.... I don't need a "random" assortment, I just need EVERY SINGLE combination of words immediately put into that format.

Does that make sense? I will go through a three number example... just substitute a number for a random word.

Cell a1= Words (the heading)
Cell a2= 1
Cell a3= 2
Cell a3= 3


Your original post contains the word random, so I wanted to verify.

When is this needed by?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The sooner the better... I'm trying to use it tonight
Ok I will post it later today
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Great... thank you!
Sure. It will be posted shortly. No need to respond again until I do. Thanks.

Before reading my answer below, please note that I do not receive any credit or compensation whatsoever for my time and effort until you take appropriate action to close out your question and ensure I am compensated from the deposit you have paid.


Just answer is an honor system, Thank you.


I have uploaded exactly what you requested. you can copy and paste into word, or copy and paste-special-values into another excel cell.




when you click the link below, a new window will open


when the new window opens, click the "download" button in the top right


ignore any prompt to sign up for the file sharing site


here is the link: CLICK HERE and then press "download"


Please do not forget to take correct action to complete the question and ensure my compensation. thank you in advance.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey man, this is awesome. I know that my other question is extra, and I'm sure I can figure it out myself. Can you just tell me how to look at the code that you made and I can devise the additional formula that I need? Again, it's just to put cell entries into simple spin text... now WITHOUT every possible combination, just regular text.

Regardless, I am definitely going to accept your answer and give you positive feedback.

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